Discover Why I’ll Keep Buying GALA – My Unwavering Loyalty to Gala Games

The author of the content believes that blockchain gaming has great potential and that the industry is still very big, despite times of low prices. He cites data from DAP radar indicating that gaming made up over half of blockchain industry usage in September 2021. The author also notes that web 3 games and metaverse projects raised $748 million in August 2021. He believes that investing in crypto gaming-related projects such as Gala is a smart move, as the gaming industry is a bulletproof industry that people enjoy regardless of economic conditions. The author also believes that Gala’s large variety of available games increases the probability of success for the platform.

Why I’ll Never Stop Buying Gala: The Incredible Potential of Blockchain Gaming


Blockchain gaming has incredible potential and I believe in its future. That’s why I will never stop buying Gala.

The Current State of Blockchain Gaming

Despite times of low prices, blockchain gaming still makes up over half of blockchain industry usage. According to DAP Radar Gaming, gaming accounted for nearly 51 percent of the activity in the blockchain industry with hundreds of millions in transactions. Even during the bear market, gaming still made up a significant portion of blockchain industry usage. If gaming is still able to make up over half of the industry usage right now, just imagine what it will be like during the next bull run.

Investors Believe in the Future of Web 3 Gaming

Investors have put their money where their beliefs are. Web 3 games and metaverse projects raised a staggering $748 million in just August 2022. Gaming experienced an increase of over $10 billion in revenue and a gain of 100 million new gamers in 2020 alone. These statistics showcase the belief that investors have when it comes to the future of blockchain gaming.

The Resilience of the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is a bulletproof industry that has proven its resiliency time and time again. During economic uncertainty, the gaming industry stays afloat. In fact, the CEO of Xbox, Phil Spencer, says that the gaming industry is very resilient to economic uncertainty. The number of total hardware sales for gaming, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo switch, increased significantly in 2020. No matter how the economy is doing, people will always want to play games.

Gala Games and the Importance of Quantity

Gala Games has many games available, and some people may complain about that. However, having more games actually sets Gala Games up for success. As Mark Cuban says, “You only have to be right once.” The same can be applied to Gala Games. You never know which game will take off and become a success. By having more games available, there is a higher probability of success when it comes to Gala Games and its future.


Blockchain gaming has tremendous potential, and Gala Games is at the forefront of the movement. With the resilience of the gaming industry and the belief that investors have in web 3 gaming, Gala Games is a no-brainer pick for me. By continuing to accumulate Gala, I believe in the future potential of blockchain gaming and its ability to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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