“Discover the Mind Behind NGRAVE’s Hardware Wallet: A Conversation with Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder”

Engrave co-founder and CEO Reuben Mara appeared on Block West Capital’s Cryptocoin Show to discuss the company’s hardware wallet and end-to-end security solutions for digital assets. Mara explained that Engrave’s patented key generation process ensures a strong start to the user journey, while the zero- or offline hardware wallet offers 100% air gaps to prevent hacking. Additionally, Engrave’s solution is easy to use with a touchscreen experience and supports various blockchains and software. The hardware wallet also includes post-life management, allowing users to pass on their digital assets securely. Engrave’s zero hardware wallet holds the highest security certification and is the only financial product in the world to have this rating.

About Engrave

Engrave is a company that specializes in providing maximum security for digital assets, especially cryptocurrencies. The company was founded by three co-founders, including Ruben Mara, who serves as the CEO. Engrave’s products are geared towards providing end-to-end security solutions for those in the blockchain space.

Ruben Mara’s Background

Ruben Mara studied civil engineering with a major in business. He worked primarily as a strategy consultant and external entrepreneur for hire. He intensively studied financial markets and factory optimization. Ruben’s passion for financial empowerment led him to start and scale the first robo-advisory investment platform in Belgium. It was after experiencing a massive hack that he and his co-founders decided to start Engrave to solve security issues for digital assets.

About Engrave’s Solutions

Engrave’s ultimate goal is to provide a good wallet where users can confidently put their crypto and sleep soundly at night. The company has built an offline hardware wallet with 100 offline air gaps for maximum security. Engrave focused on easy-to-use solutions, including no cables, no hassle, just an on/off button, and swipe/tap touch screen experience.

Engrave’s Patented Key

Engrave’s patented key generation process allows them to create a strong c trace, which is the first step in their decentralized user journey. Engrave’s key is unique and ensures that users’ digital assets are secure. They also focused on providing a solution for users who want to ensure their loved ones have access to their digital assets after their passing.

Support for Different Blockchains and Software

Engrave’s team is experienced in creating hardware wallets and integrating the relevant cryptography to derive the right blockchains and software. Their Zero hardware wallet is the only financial product in the world to have the highest security certification with seven evaluation assurance levels criteria. Engrave’s focus on end-to-end security provides users with peace of mind when storing their digital assets.

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