Discover the Fascinating Reason Why Sushi Has Skyrocketed by 20%: Profound Transformations Resulting in Impressive Profits for Investors

In a new video, Pablo discusses the Sushi project and its recent influx of investors. Sushi, a well-known and extensive project with a strong community, has been offering various products. The most recent is the Sushi X swap, the first cross in AMM. Kenneth Harley, known as Super Genius, is a candidate for CEO of Sushi and plans to build a trading app that will increase transactions on the Sushi swap exchange to 100 times more than its current state. Investors are rushing in due to the hints of this app, increasing the value of sushi by 20%. Harley plans to fund the development of the mobile and PC apps. He will do it, whether elected or not, and will start with building an easy app like Coinbase and eventually a Pro app.

The Sushi Project and Its Recent Surge in Value


Hey guys, Pablo here, and welcome to a brand new video. In this one, we’re going to talk about the Sushi project, which I’m pretty sure almost all of us or majority of us knows about. At some point, we have used one of their products. But recently, there has been an influx of investors seen getting into Sushi. In this video, we’re going to find out the reason why it has been increased and what’s coming next.

The Sushi Project

The whole Sushi project itself is pretty extensive. It is already very well known and renowned in the crypto community. Sushi has been offering a range of products, and it has been adding more and more new projects in the list. The most recent one among these is the Sushi X swap, which is the first cross in AMM.

The Major Changes

Our main focus in this video are those major changes that are mentioned in the interim. But they’re not just changes, it’s actually a person that will be bringing all these changes which will possibly be expanding the sushi ecosystem more than it already has. Kenneth Harley is a candidate for the hatchef, which is what the CEO is called in Sushi. He is a candidate for CEO, and he’s known as Super Genius.

His Plan

Here’s where Kenneth Harley comes in, and his plan comes in. He is building a trading app that will increase the number of transactions on Sushi Swap exchange to a hundred times more than what it currently is. The hint of this app has been leading investors into the Sushi ecosystem, and it has actually increased the value to about 20 percent.


This is a really great opportunity, and it’s going to be really major change for the whole Sushi ecosystem. The value is already up 20 percent, and there are more and more investors coming in by just the hints of his plans getting implemented and the trading apps being developed.

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