Which Crypto Payment System Reigns Supreme: 8PAY, WADZPAY, or SHOPPING.IO?

The video discusses a comparison between three cryptocurrencies- AP, Watts Pay, and Shopping IO. The video provides a brief description of the projects and their tokenomics, as well as projected future growth. AP is a crypto payment processor that aims to utilize crypto for payments, with recurring and variable payments. Watts Pay aims to help businesses and financial institutions to issue out crypto wallets to promote crypto adoption. Shopping IO offers an extension that allows payments at major retailers, a payment gateway for businesses, and a shopping mall metaverse with digital assets. The video recommends joining the creator’s Patreon to capitalize on investment opportunities.

Comparing Cryptocurrencies: Ape, Watts Pay, and Shopping IO


Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. Today, we’re going to be doing a comparison between ape pay, watts pay, and shopping IO.

The Project

Let’s start off by discussing the project behind each cryptocurrency. Ape pay is a crypto payment processor that specializes in recurring payments and variable payments. Their aim is to utilize crypto for payments, which is incredibly appealing for the future of payments. Watts pay is another payment processor, but they specialize in allowing businesses to accept crypto payments through their point-of-sale terminals and e-commerce platform. Finally, shopping IO offers a payment extension, shopping pay, and a shopping mall metaverse called shopverse.


As for tokenomics, ape pay has 68 million tokens in circulation which is considered exceptional. Watts pay has a max supply of one billion tokens, but it is unclear how many tokens are currently in circulation as the team has yet to clarify. Lastly, shopping IO has all its tokens in circulation, so dilution won’t be a problem.


In terms of projections, it’s impossible to know exactly where these projects will go in terms of market cap, but ape pay has a conservative projection of reaching $500 million while watts pay is considered a higher reward play due to the lack of clarity around their tokenomics. As for shopping IO, they have a promising future with their innovative shopping mall metaverse.

In conclusion, it’s essential to evaluate the project, tokenomics, and projections when comparing cryptocurrencies. Each project has its unique selling point, and as investors, it’s up to us to make the best decision. Remember, this is just our opinion, and none of this is financial advice.

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