From Runescape Obsession to Tech Success: Uncovering Ivan’s Journey

In this episode of Good Morning Crypto, the topic is programming, as many viewers have been asking about how to start programming in various languages such as C++, JavaScript, and smart contract programming. The host shares his own story of how he got interested in programming when he was nine years old and playing the online game Runescape. He talks about how the game drew him into the computer world and how, after being hacked, his mother gave him an HTML book and encouraged him to learn how to make websites. He learned quickly and had a vision of creating his own Runescape.

My Journey into Programming: From Runescape to Creating Websites

And we’re live guys, welcome to another episode of good morning crypto and today we will be discussing programming. As you guys ask a lot of questions about programming, including how to start and what steps to take, we will be sharing my personal experience on how I got started in programming.

Heading 2: How It All Started – Runescape
I started playing runescape when I was just five or six years old, although it wasn’t until I was nine that my passion for programming began. Looking back at the game runescape now, it seems monotonous, as you have to do things over and over again. But at that time, I really enjoyed it, and my friends and I played it every free chance we had. We fought bosses, killed monsters, and got better armor and weapons through leveling ourselves up.

Heading 2: Becoming Interested in Programming
Playing runescape was the start of my interest in computing, as my friends and I thought we were computer geniuses because we knew how to log in and play the game. It taught me a lot about computers, how to communicate in English, and many other useful computing skills.

Heading 2: Getting Started in Programming – HTML
When I was eight years old, I got hacked, and all the items I had worked so hard for in runescape got stolen. I stopped playing the game for a while until my mother gave me an HTML book. She said, “Ivan, you’re good with computers. Why don’t you try learning HTML instead? You can make your own runescape game.”

This gave me the inspiration to learn how to program. I started with the basics – HTML, which was a bit hard at first, but it quickly became easy as I learned about tags and attributes. I read the entire HTML book, which was about 200 to 300 pages, and I thought I would be able to create my own runescape game if I finished the book.

Heading 2: Taking the Next Steps
HTML was just the start of my programming journey. After that, I moved on to more advanced languages and topics. I learned JavaScript, C++, and even Smart Contract Programming. As I grew more interested in programming, I discovered other resources online, which taught me different programming skills, which ultimately led to the creation of “” which teaches beginners all the programming basics.

In summary, my journey into programming started when I was just a young kid playing runescape. By learning HTML, I realized that I can create my own games and programs and went on to learn other programming languages. Through dedication and consistent practice, I established myself as an expert in programming, and my passion has led me to create a new way for beginners to learn programming basics.

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