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The author will not be selling their (CRO) tokens for several reasons. Firstly, they believe the Chrono chain has great potential due to the growth of on-chain transactions, unique addresses, and impressive projects such as the Kronos Verse and Abyss Bay. Secondly, has longevity thanks to strong regulation and a high number of licenses and registrations across multiple jurisdictions compared to other exchanges. Thirdly, the leadership of CEO Chris Marzalek is commended for his ability to overcome adversity and lead the company to over 70 million users and over a billion dollars in revenue. Lastly,’s impressive advertising and partnerships sets the company up for long-term growth by attracting more users.

Reasons Why I Will Never Sell All of My Cro: A Look at the Future of

As an investor, it’s important to make smart decisions that will benefit your portfolio in the long term. This applies to cryptocurrencies as well, especially if you’re invested in’s native token, Cro. Despite the market volatility, here are four reasons why I will never sell all of my Cro.

H2: The Future of Chrono Chain’s Chrono Chain has tremendous potential for growth. Since its launch in November 2021, the Chrono Chain has grown to over 66 million on-chain transactions and has produced over 6.5 million blocks. Currently, it has over 1 million unique addresses and over 400 Dapps. Among these Dapps are amazing projects such as loaded lines main city, Kronos verse, Abyss Bay, VVS finance, and tectonic, to name a few.

H2:’s Regulatory Compliance is well-regulated in Tier 1 jurisdictions, including the US, Europe, South Korea, France, Australia, Canada, and the UK. They have the highest number of licenses and registrations among crypto-related companies. Having proper regulations in place allows for clear guidelines, which is essential for an exchange to have longevity. For example, Binance and Coinbase have faced issues due to lax regulation.

H2:’s Leadership
Chris Marszalek, CEO of, is a great leader who has overcome bankruptcy in the past. He has learned from his mistakes and is an undeterred fighter. His journey speaks a lot about his character, which shows why he is the right person to run In contrast, other exchanges have CEOs who lack the same level of dedication, such as Sam Beckman Freed of FTX and Alex Machinski of Celsius.

H2:’s Advertising has top-notch advertising, featuring partnerships with major brands such as Arena, UFC, FIFA World Cup, and Paris Saint-Germain. Advertising is crucial for long-term growth, and’s efforts will allow for a greater influx of users.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky venture, but investing in and its native token, Cro, is a decision with a high potential for reward in the long term. With the Chrono Chain’s growth, regulatory compliance, competent leadership, and effective advertising, has proven to be a reliable investment platform.


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