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The author discusses the top three gaming cryptocurrencies that could potentially do 100 to 1000 times in gains in the next bull market. The first cryptocurrency is UFO gaming, a micro-cap version of Gala games, and has former team experience from companies like Wells Fargo and Toyota. The second cryptocurrency is High Street, which has investors such as Binance and America Brands. High Street looks similar to Decentraland and has just implemented chat GPT into its characters, making the metaverse experience more realistic. The third cryptocurrency is not mentioned in the article.

Top Three Gaming Cryptocurrencies That Could Do 100 to 1,000x

Gaming cryptocurrencies are set to become the next mega trend in the cryptocurrency market, and investors are keen to know which three cryptocurrencies they should invest in to maximize their gains potential and make the most of this exciting market. Here, we discuss the top three gaming cryptocurrencies the Superman of 100 to 1,000x cryptocurrencies recommends.

1. UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming is a micro cap version of Gala Games, a successful game development company. UFO Gaming has an excellent team with former experience from companies like Meta Wells Fargo Toyota, and the founder who went to Princeton University. The narratives for this cryptocurrency’s success are gaming and metaverse, and if it achieves its all-time high, it could be a 60x. UFO Gaming is currently available on a mix of tier one exchanges and decentralized exchanges. It has a market cap of 45 million and ranks just inside the top 500 cryptocurrencies. Although it has a ginormous supply of 25 trillion, the circulation restricts the dilution, and there is no inflation. The current price is undervalued, making it a good buy during silent periods.

2. High Street

High Street, a mega exciting metaverse, is similar to Decentraland. It has investors like Binance, NGC, America Brands, and Jump. High Street’s team experience comes from Avalanche, Nem, Sotheby’s, Harvard, and Tech Stars. The CEO, who created High Street, built her own business called Lumiere VR and is an experienced leader. The narrative for this cryptocurrency’s success is gaming and metaverse. High Street is currently available on exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and decentralized exchanges. It has a market cap of 33 million and is just inside the top 500. The negative point is inflation, where the quantity doubles every year.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular blockchain-based game that allows players to collect, breed, and battle fantasy creatures called Axies. The players are rewarded with cryptocurrency, which they can trade with other players or sell on exchanges. Axie Infinity has a solid team with rich experience in video game development, blockchain, and business. The narrative for this cryptocurrency’s success is that the gaming ecosystem is vibrant and one of the best use cases of digital assets.


In conclusion, blockchain gaming is an exciting market that offers immense potential for investors. The three gaming cryptocurrencies discussed UFO gaming, High Street, and Axie Infinity, are expected to do well in the next bull market. While UFO Gaming has an excellent team experience and a zero inflation cryptocurrency, High Street has a solid team and commonly available on exchanges where it has been invested in by Binance. And Axie Infinity stands out for its unique gameplay, solid team, and strong community.

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