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Ben of BitBoy Crypto is currently in Amsterdam before heading to Estonia, and he discusses his recent gains in memecoins, specifically Pepe Coin. While there is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) surrounding the legitimacy of some of the founders and wallets holding Pepe Coin, Ben is not concerned and plans to stay in the investment. He emphasizes that memecoins, in general, are not meant to change the world and are a game of ride it until you can get off. Ben also mentions his involvement in other memecoins such as DINO, TURBO boner, and POOH coin.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. I’m coming to you live from Amsterdam. In Amsterdam for a day and a half. Getting ready to head to Estonia. My flight, I was supposed to be the airport at three o’clock in the morning tomorrow. Didn’t want to do that. Had a really long flight overnight.

The Memecoin Game: Pepe Coin

So I’m just going to stay here, check out Amsterdam. So, you know, if you see me around, you see me around. I got recognized within five minutes of getting here, so. A guy on vacation from Italy, shout-out. But I want to talk to you guys about the memecoin game right now because, look, there’s a lot of interesting things going on right now, and one of those things– there’s several things.

A Mistake on Uniswap and Uniswap Wallet

I’m going to talk about a mistake that I made on Uniswap. I’m going to talk about why Uniswap is a little jank. The Uniswap app, especially. Uniswap wallet is very jank, which I’m not going to really talk about that probably. I’ll talk about what I experienced today, a mistake that, you know, kind of just a result of piling in all these memecoins. But I made about $200K in the last two days on memecoins. Just nothing special. Nothing insider. Just getting in on these coins that I see sentiment turning on and getting out of them at the right time. Or– not getting out. That’s not the right word. I’m pulling out original investment and then reinvesting those. So that’s kind of what I’m doing right now.

Pepe Coin and FUD

But I want to talk about a couple of things. Let’s start with Pepe coin. So Pepe coin, there’s a lot of FUD going around with Pepe coin. Now, FUD, of course, stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt, right? But the thing is with uncertainty and with fear is that sometimes it’s legitimate. And so when I say Pepe coin FUD, what I mean is something that many people are looking at and getting scared at, and I can’t really speak to the validity of these things or not.

A Good Time to Get In?

So there is some people that are saying– and I want to be clear here. I have not gotten out of Pepe coin. I think it’s– I think this stuff for me personally, and I’m just talking personally, because I’ve made so much money with it, I don’t really care about this other stuff, I’m going to stay in it because I think there’s still upside to it. Now, certainly, retrace 50% of all-time highs,

Staff Picks and Risky Memecoin Play

People have been asking me when’s a good time to get in, I would tell you, if you were to ignore all the FUD I’m about to tell you, then a 50% dip, I mean, that’s it. That’s a great time to get in. I mean, no question about it. That’s the crash that you’ve been waiting on, in my opinion. And I think this is going to– I mean, guys, this rose to be the third most popular memecoin and I do believe it’s got a good chance to take a run at SHIB. It could be a rug pull, just keep this in mind. Not financial advice. You could lose all your money in it. It is what it is. But here’s the thing.

Risks and Warnings with Pepe Coin

There’s some sketchy stuff with some of the founders, apparently. One of the founders doxxed himself on a Twitter Spaces. And some people are saying he’s done rug pulls before and he’s some kind of scammer. I don’t know the guy. I didn’t listen to Twitter Spaces. I’m just telling what people are telling me on Twitter. The other thing is, is that there is an exchange called FixedFloat. Now, FixedFloat has a lot of the top addresses there. It’s an exchange that is known for letting scammers cash out. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re scammers. And I think at this point, guys, like, if you haven’t figured out the fact that memecoins are garbage,

Other Memecoins

That they have no utility, it’s just a game of ride it until you can get off, then I don’t know what to tell you. Guys, Pepe is not going to change the world. Okay? I’m the Frog King because I got in very early and I made money with it. I’m not the Frog King because I’m telling you that we’re going to turn, you know, that Pepe the Frog should be running for president and he’s going to win. Like, let’s be for real here. So the point being is that when it comes to these memecoins, this one in my

Portfolio Update

We’re looking into the wallet distribution, I will tell you that. We are looking into wallet distribution so we can get you guys some more clear numbers on this in the coming week to let you guys kind of know what you’re looking at with Pepe. But it’s one of these things where that stuff just doesn’t scare me. I’ve already made enough money. I pulled my original investment out. I’m playing with house money.

More Memecoins

It’s been very good to me. And I’m going to stay in it. But some people, of course, that scares them. They want to get out. Look. If you get your life savings in Pepe, then that’s not what you want to do. You don’t want to be in that spot in the first spot. Don’t be in that place in the first spot. So that’s what happened with Pepe coin. I have piled into a bunch of memecoins over the last day. Remember, none of this is financial advice.

The Newsletter and a Coin Prediction

And I will tell you, if you sign up for our newsletter,, on Tuesdays, it comes out every Tuesday, it’s $99 a month, on Tuesdays, we put out our staff picks. It’s when the newsletter comes out. I’ve got a coin on Tuesday for you guys that I think is going to be one of the biggest wins this channel has ever had. It’s what I will tell you. I think the returns on this coin are going to be massive And they’re going to be short term. They’re going to be two to four weeks, I think. So I’ll tell you what that coin is on Tuesday when you check out the newsletter. And it is a risky memecoin play, just going to tell you guys,

More Memecoins in Portfolio

But I’m not going to release it on the channel until probably later in the week to give the people that pay for the newsletter a little bit of a leg up obviously because that’s what they pay for. But if you want to check out, make sure to do that. The other thing I want to talk about, see, I got into a coin called DINO. DinoLFG It’s done very well. Got into one called TURBO boner. POOH coin– now, POOH coin actually had some FUD earlier today. They got delisted from Bitget after only a couple hours of trading.

Portfolio Update: POOH Coin

I am actually in the process of meeting with Bitget or talking with Bitget and trying to get that straightened out. I think I know what happened. And I think that in the next day or two, I think all that’s going to be cleared up. So temporarily in my personal portfolio, I did sell some POOH, or I sold all my POOH, because when I saw this, I got a little freaked out because it got delisted. It took me about an hour to get down to it. So now I’m going to be looking in for a new position in POOH in the next, like, day or two. Maybe sooner rather than later. So that’s some stuff in my portfolio.

More Memecoins in Portfolio: The Benny Coin

Did I say I got in TURBO boner? Guys, I’m very ashamed to get in in that one. There’s another coin that– somebody made one named after Ben. There’s ben.eth coin coming around here pretty soon I’m going to start looking at. There’s just so much going on with these memecoins that it’s unbelievable right now. And I just really want to reiterate, all of these can be scams. I got another one called MONG. I’m trying to remember all the ones I’m in. It’s just hard right now. I think those are most the ones I’m in right now. But…

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