Be Prepared: A Momentous Event for Crypto Holders Looms!

Bitcoin is expected to break the $28,500 level and confirm a bullish trend, with potential for a rush towards $30,000 to $32,000. While altcoins are expected to soar in the next bull run, investors should look for low-cap coins with strong fundamentals and potential for hype. Vault Inu is cited as an example of a low-cap coin with potential, given its listing on multiple exchanges and strong roadmap. Investors should also look for coins with good progress, proper exchange listings, and potential for announcements. The initial 80 to 40 days of the bull run will likely see coins experiencing high daily gains of 25% to 40%.

Bitcoin Breakout

At present, analysts are waiting for Bitcoin to make a break above $28,500 with confirmation due to the major resistance it faces at this level. Despite this, there is still a chance that Bitcoin could go above this level before dropping back down towards the downside. In theory, the cryptocurrency already turned bullish for many when it hit rock bottom previously. In fact, it went down again by 31% before experiencing a significant rise.

Massive Altcoin Days

One of the major events that this rise will signal is the start of the massive altcoin days. A lot of coins will start doubling and even tripling all within a single day, similar to what took place in 2017 and 2018.

Choosing the Right Project to Invest In

It is important to identify the right cryptocurrency to invest in during this period. According to experts, investors should look for coins with the potential to become a low-cap coin. For example, Volt Inu is one of the coins with potential capping without being classified as a meme or scam. These coins are listed on several exchanges, making them a good prospect. Additionally, investors should consider looking for coins with a strong roadmap and progress. They can also opt for those with cool announcements and projects like Volt Inu, which is working on a Visa card integration. Essentially, the goal should be to invest in coins that are on a path to significant growth and whose potential has not yet been exhausted.

Maximum Profit Potential

By investing in the right cryptocurrency during the initial Bull Run, investors can enjoy maximum profits. During this period, coins with good potential can experience a 10,000x growth just like Safe Moon and Shiva. Investors who are willing to take the risk can achieve enormous gains.


The crypto space is currently in the midst of a significant shift, and investors need to tailor their strategies accordingly. By keeping an eye out for the right projects and taking calculated risks, investors can maximize profits during the next Bull Run.

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