Uncover the Power of Earn Keeper – The Ultimate Play to Earn exploration and data analysis tool!

Earn Keeper is a project that offers analytics on the performance of various gaming projects, including daily user and follower counts. With the rapid growth in the gaming industry, particularly in the blockchain gaming and metaverse spaces, having a tool to analyze which projects are performing better and which are worth investing in is crucial. Earn Keeper provides real-time data on popular gaming projects, and offers a True Alpha NFT pass for in-depth analysis. The project features a filter to easily access data on different games, and provides information on users, volumes, and prices. However, the content emphasizes that the information provided is not financial advice and that users should do their own research.

Analyzing the Booming Crypto Gaming Industry with Earn Keeper


Hey guys, Pablo here and welcome back to another brand new video. Today, we’ll be discussing a project called Earn Keeper. It’s a gaming project and we’ll be talking about the playroom projects that have been trending lately. In this project, you get to analyze the analytics of the most popular gaming projects, how many daily users are added, how many followers they get and other analytical tools that will give you a better understanding of which project is performing better.

The Gaming Industry is Booming

The gaming industry is booming and the crypto gaming industry is also booming with it. The gaming industry is valued over $200 billion and it has experienced a revenue of $201 billion in 2021, which is expected to be doubled in the next five years. The gaming industry is one of the most valued markets around the world and has a high audience density, with more than three billion gamers globally.

The Concept of Metaverse

The second reason or the second push that we have seen is because of the concept of the metaverse. Facebook, which is one of the biggest corporations in the world, changed their name to Meta, and with this, they created their own metaverse. Microsoft is also creating its own metaverse. The idea of the metaverse has given a big push to these gaming projects. Because of this, the blockchain gaming industry is also growing.

The Need for Analytics in Gaming Industry

Since there are a lot of projects within the gaming industry, it’s difficult to differentiate which one is more suited to you. This is where Earn Keeper comes in. It provides analytics that will help differentiate between different projects and eventually help you decide which ones to invest in.

Analyzing with Earn Keeper

Earn Keeper provides game deep dives which provide real-time data on how to earn in the most popular games. You can view the social activity, new users, and token volume. You can also use the filter to view different games and see how many new users are adding to a particular game.


The gaming industry is booming and the crypto gaming industry is growing with it. There’s a need for proper analytics in the gaming industry to help you differentiate between different projects. Earn Keeper provides a solution for this by providing real-time data on how to earn in the most popular games. Remember that this is not financial advice, so always do your own investigation research before making any investment decisions.

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