“Is Crypto Dead After The Fed’s Latest Move? A Game-Changing Moment for 2021 Crypto Bull Run on Around The Blockchain”

The show “Around the Blockchain” on Bitly Crypto features host Jay Chains filling in for DZ and guests Gareth Soloway, Mac and Cheesy, Tom Crown, and Benjamin Armstrong. They discuss various topics in the crypto world, including Bitcoin’s market cap, the potential for a bear market, and real-life NFTs. The lightning round asks the guests what kind of bear market they think may occur, with responses ranging from a friendly black bear to a nasty and unprecedented bear market. The show also features a point system, with the guest who earns the most points being given a parting word.


Do hey what is going on everybody welcome back to around the blockchain here on bitly crypto home of the bit squad which is the largest and absolute best crypto community in the entire universe my name is jay chains i am filling in for dz today because he filled in for me yesterday.

Great Guests

We got a great show there’s lots of fun things happening in the crypto world uh some of us are richer than we ever thought we could ever imagine we’ll get to that shortly here uh we got a great show we got some great guests uh let’s See who we got today gareth soloway is in the house like to chat with him great perspective on the stonks we got mac and cheesy love that tom crown he’s got his he’s got his shades on uh and then last but not least we got benjamin armstrong ben really Quick uh i heard that you’ve got more money than elon musk right now.

What is the Show and How to Participate

Before we do this let’s get into some market watch check some coin market cap now we are going to have to jump to a different site because there’s no way i could get through this seriously why we said ben is the richest man in the world Now because if you look at coin market cap bitcoin coming in at 789 billion dollars if you’re a whole coiner your day just changed uh but can we can we talk about cocos yeah coco coco’s bcx is the new bitcoin there’s no question about it you want to talk about The greatest moment of free marketing in history coco’s bcx we don’t know what to do but i love me some cocos it’s probably a scam so i don’t really love it it may not be maybe we thought it was going to be ethereum but coco is coming in from left field.

Lightning Round

Let’s get into the lightning round i always like the lightning round get everybody warmed up here see if we can start giving away some points tom crown i’m gonna go with you first on this was there a sound effect that place yeah it’s amazing i heard one okay i Don’t it’s just the way this is all connected i don’t get to hear it i just assume with that lightning there was something cool going on there bj always hooking it up.

When the Bear Market Hits

Tom crown uh when the bear market happens what kind of bear will it be hopefully not a hungry bear
Mac and cheesy when the bear market hits what kind of bear and you can say like a grizzly bear if you want
Gareth soloway when the bear market happens what kind of bear is it going to be

Wrap-Up and Conclusion

All right let’s get into the lightning round i always like the lightning round get everybody warmed up here see if we can start giving away some points tom crown i’m gonna go with you first on this. This is around the blockchain if it is your first time watching uh you will see that there is a little score down in the bottom box for the panelists here uh if you are in the chat And you like what they say drop a plus one uh and we’ll give you some points whoever’s got the most points at the end of the show is gonna leave us with a little bit of a parting word uh which is very nice always fun to get everyone’s perspective there.

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