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Bitcoin’s recent bounce and the surge in altcoins suggest that the beginning stages of the next bull run may have started. Bitcoin hit its all-time high in November 2021 and, if the recent low of $15,742 is the bottom, it took 378 days to go from all-time high to cycle low – timing that fits with previous cycles. During the beginning stages of the next bull run, the most profits can be made. Illuvium is identified as the first AAA play-to-earn, web3 game and is expected to be a top performer this coming bull run, with assets potentially being integrated with Synthetix. Maple Finance is also viewed positively as it has issued over $1.9 billion in loans and has announced v2 of its lending and borrowing platform.

Bitcoin Bounces Back: Are We Entering the Next Bull Run?

Bitcoin has experienced a surge, and altcoins are also following suit. But has Bitcoin actually hit its bottom, and are we now entering the beginning stages of the next bull run, where the biggest profits are made?

Bitcoin’s Historical Cycles and the Current One

Analyzing Bitcoin’s historical cycles, the current 378-day cycle to the bottom does make sense. This means that we have been in the beginning stages of the next bull run since November 21st, 2022.

The Altcoins that Will Climb the Market Cap Rankings

So, which altcoins and narratives will be the ones that rip this run? While Energy Web, Chainlink, and GMX are solid picks, there’s a new player in town.

Illuvium: The Future of Web3 Gaming

Illuvium is the first AAA play-to-earn web3 game, founded by the brothers of Synthetix founder Kain Warwick. With the ability to bet Ethereum on games and rare and powerful illuvials worth a chunk of change once the full launch takes place this year, Illuvium is one of the top picks for the next bull run.

Maple Finance: Revolutionizing DeFi Loans

As money flows fast into crypto markets, the need for money by crypto-focused companies grows. Enter Maple Finance, a platform where crypto companies can get loans from people who pool their money together for a generous return. Despite the FTX fallout, Maple has issued over $1.9 billion in loans on the platform and is built to scale into the tens of billions and beyond.

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