Get Ahead of the Game: Discover When the BTC Trade Will Flip!

The bitcoin price has increased over the last few days and there are now questions around whether there will be another low in bitcoin. The author is seeing signs of a reversal in short timeframes, but still needs a specific event to happen on higher timeframes. The author suggests looking at all coins and the stock market to see how they will react if and when a pullback occurs. If the pullback results in a reset of the rsis and holds a specific level, then it may be time to buy. The author suggests using this time to build a roadmap for what profits or outcomes are wanted and to use Discord and other resources to get smart. Ultimately, the time will come for a bull run and people need to be ready when it happens.

Foreign Analyzes the Possibilities for Bitcoin Price Movement


In a recent video, Foreign discusses the current state of the Bitcoin market and offers insights into potential future scenarios.

Potential for Bitcoin Reversal

Foreign notes that there has been a slight push up in the Bitcoin price over the last few days, and states that he is starting to see signs of a slight reversal on the shorter time frames. However, he emphasizes that a specific thing needs to happen on the higher time frames in order to confirm a reversal.

Impact of Stock Market on Bitcoin

Foreign also discusses the interesting charts in the stock market, noting that if it decides to pull back, it could have implications for the crypto market. However, he notes that Bitcoin is currently trading sideways and not experiencing extreme volatility, which could indicate that a lower low is not likely.

Preparing for Bullish Scenarios

Foreign offers advice for viewers on how to prepare for potential bullish scenarios, encouraging them to build a roadmap for their profits and to use this time to learn and understand more about the market. He also promotes the use of various tools such as Twitter, Discord, and multiple exchanges to gain more knowledge and to stay informed.


Foreign’s analysis offers valuable insights into the current state of the Bitcoin market, as well as potential scenarios for the future. He encourages viewers to use this time wisely and to prepare for potential bullish scenarios in the future.

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