Discover the Incredible Growth of 100x PEPE LONG Trade in Crypto

BitBoy Crypto’s Ben discusses investing in Pepe, a meme-based cryptocurrency that has recently seen significant gains. Bitget, the platform he uses to trade Pepe, announced it would now offer futures trading for the coin. Ben advises caution due to Pepe’s volatility but says anyone who thinks the coin will inevitably crash can now short it. Ben did open a 75X leverage trade on Bitcoin, which he admitted was not financially sensible. In tomorrow’s video, Ben will discuss forthcoming crypto regulations in New York. Ben’s sponsor, Stake, is holding a giveaway starting May 8th.


Hey, guys. Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. Today, I want to talk to you about hitting a home run with Pepe.

Pepe and Bitget

We’ve turned two Ethereum into four Bitcoin with Pepe in a short period of time. But yet it continues to go up. And now, you can actually do futures trading with Pepe on Bitget. But just remember, if you are going to go long or short with Pepe, it is dangerous. Make sure you do proper risk management.

Real Talk

Let’s talk about a couple of real things here. Crypto regulations, which will be discussed in tomorrow’s show.

Stake Giveaway

Our actual sponsor here is Stake. And if you make a lot of money on some memecoins, you can go have some fun recreationally. Don’t lose your gains. You guys can head on over to Stake. We’ve got some links down below where you can go to my Twitter bio and do that. We have a big Stake giveaway coming I believe on the 8th, starting on May 8.


The crypto community, the people that care about utility, care about the future of our country and the world, and care about not getting a Great Reset. So we’ll talk about it tomorrow. That’s all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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