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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned that interest rates are likely to rise higher than expected in a testimony that caught markets by surprise. Powell also stated that Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling to avoid adverse consequences to the economy. In other news, the SEC is increasing staff to investigate and prosecute crypto firms while removing properly regulated entities in the US in regards to crypto. Grayscale’s lawsuit against the SEC over Bitcoin ETF approval has reached court, and only five of the nine SEC registered crypto firms remain. Crypto Unity, a new project that offers safeguarded funds with an independent regulated custodian, also offers a potential investment opportunity.

Fed Chair Powell Testimony: Interest Rates and Debt Ceiling

The recent Fed Chair Powell testimony caught the attention of the markets. In his speech, Powell warned that interest rates may rise higher than expected. This news is causing some turmoil, as many macroeconomic factors were previously looking promising. Powell also emphasized the importance of Congress raising the debt ceiling. In his words, failure to do so could have adverse consequences and cause long-standing harm.

Interest Rates and Inflation Progress

Powell’s speech also touched on the unusual factors affecting inflation progress. He stated that it may be bumpy, and we don’t know how it will play out. This unpredictability is causing some concern in the markets. Marshall, a financial expert, also weighed in on this issue, stating that the current situation is catching the markets by surprise.

SEC’s Approach to Cryptocurrency

The SEC’s latest actions concerning cryptocurrency has caused confusion among investors. Although they claim to be trying to provide a more friendly environment for investors and promote innovation, their actions have shown otherwise. Five out of nine SEC registered crypto firms are now gone, and they are increasing their staff to investigate the prosecution of crypto firms. This has caused many to question the SEC’s true motives, as they seem to be trying to push properly regulated entities out of the US.

Investing in Crypto Unity

As an investor that frequently invests in early-stage projects, the author of this video is currently investing in Crypto Unity. This project aims to solve a significant problem in the crypto industry, a lack of trust in exchanges. They promise to safeguard users’ funds with an independent, regulated custodian. The team has been properly audited and has even attended multiple crypto events. While the app is not yet available on the App Store, many expect it to be a promising investment.


The recent Fed Chair Powell testimony and the SEC’s actions concerning cryptocurrency have caused concern in the markets. Investors must stay informed in unpredictable times like these to make the most of their investments. It’s important to remember that risk is still inherent in any investment, whether it’s in the traditional or cryptocurrency markets.

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