10 Explosive Forecasts for Crypto and Stocks in 2023!

The author provides their top 10 predictions for the coming year, covering crypto, macro, and stock-related matters. They caution readers not to make any moves in or out of assets based on their predictions. The author predicts that inflation will continue to fall, the Fed will soften its stance on inflation, and may cut rates towards the end of next year by 25 basis points. They believe the stock market will rebound, with specific growth for tech stocks such as Tesla. Decentralized finance (D5) will become more important, and fewer exchanges will go bankrupt. Bitcoin dominance will increase to 45 plus or minus 2.5 percent.

Top 10 Predictions for the Next Year

Prediction 1: Inflation Will Continue to Fall

The PCE has already come down and CPI and PC will continue to decrease, predicting a significant drop by next year.

Prediction 2: The Fed Will Soften Their Stance on Inflation

The Fed will move away from its hard stance as inflation continues to decrease.

Prediction 3: Interest Rates Will Be Cut

Even just a small cut in rates at the end of 2023.

Prediction 4: Stocks Will Rebound

The market will rebound, especially tech stocks like the NASDAQ, which have been beaten down all year.

Prediction 5: Tesla Will Perform Well

Tesla will execute well and rise significantly in value from its current low price.

Prediction 6: DeFi Will Become More Important

More people will rely on decentralized finance (DeFi), making it a more important part of the crypto world.

Prediction 7: Crypto Prices Will Stay Stagnant

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will not move much until the stock market starts to rebound.

Prediction 8: Fewer Exchanges Will Go Bankrupt

Less risk of black swan events and bankruptcies as companies mitigate risks.

Prediction 9: Bitcoin Dominance Will Increase

Bitcoin will have more dominance in the market, reaching around 45% in a year from now.

Prediction 10: Bitcoin Price Prediction

The creator will share a Bitcoin price prediction a year from now, which will be added to the video later.

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