“Why Is XRP Undervalued? Shocking SBF Conflict of Interest Uncovered With Bullish Shiba Inu News – Plus Jim Cramer Returns!”

In this episode of The Daily Crypto News, the host Dusty discusses the most Googled cryptocurrencies worldwide, with XRP being popular in the US and Cardano being popular globally. He also talks about the SBF case and how the US judge assigned to it has stepped down due to her husband’s law firm previously advising FTX, leading to potential conflict of interest. Dusty also discusses the falling value of Donald Trump’s trading cards and the news that Binance will be adding $76 million worth of Shiba Inu to its assets, among other crypto-related news.

The Daily Crypto News

Hey guys what is up, it’s dusty here, and welcome back to another episode of The Daily Crypto News.

Favourite Cryptocurrency

Let us dive right into all the first section of the video, which is a good question: What is your all-time favourite cryptocurrency? Or, rather, if you’re at your Christmas dinner right now – Merry Christmas to everybody – and your relative asks you what crypto should I buy, just comment down below what you would tell them. Just for fun’s sake, I think it’s always interesting to see the different suggestions that people give and also which crypto you would go for if you could only pick one.

Most Googled Cryptocurrencies

Now, I’ve said it before, this is where the story starts, but if you take a look at the top 10 most Googled cryptos worldwide, one thing becomes quite apparent. And I noticed this from reading your guys’ comments quite often – whenever I look through my comments, a lot of the US people, people from the US, they always say their favourite is XRP, and from a lot of other countries, they say different ones. However, if you then take a look at the top 10 most Googled cryptos worldwide, it’s kind of interesting how in the US, XRP is eighth. But then if you take the global monthly searches into it, you can actually see the rankings change a significant bit as Avalanche and Litecoin, which are, I guess, a lot more popular over in the US, would actually be overtaken by XRP and Cardano for that matter.

Suits and Shenanigans

Talking about lawsuits, talking about crazy stuff in that nature, this was one of the most crazy pieces we have seen of the entire year. I think we’ve covered Gary Gensler and all this uh Shenanigans of conflict of interest many times. Right now, whatever I were to tell you that even in a sandbagment free case, there’s again another conflict of interest shown, and it gets double as funny if you read the comments. But so Justin, the U.S judge assigned to the SBF case, has actually stepped down due to her husband’s Law Firm previously advising FTX.

Donald Trump’s Trading Cards

A couple of other things that happened – Donald Trump’s trading cards – you remember those NFTs have lost this much value in one week. Apparently, in the past week, their value has fallen by 72 percent, according to the site. Each card is now worth 0.23 ethereum, or 280 dollars. So if you bought one for 99 bucks, you’d still be in a ton of profit.

Shiba Inu

Something regarding Shiba Inu – Shiba Inu’s Binance is adding 76 million dollars worth of Shiba Inu. People are going crazy about this. It all has to do with Voyager’s assets. Coingate reported that Binance US made a bid to take over Voyager Digital Assets.

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