What’s the Buzz about Toon Finance’s New Crypto Presale? Is it the Next 10X Opportunity? πŸš€πŸ©πŸ”₯

Toon Finance is a decentralized exchange platform designed to create a secure play to earn metaverse backed by Sha256 encryption. It allows users to trade NFTs, exchange cryptocurrencies and bridge blockchains all in one place. The platform has already been featured on crypto.com and is on CoinMarketCap’s upcoming project list. The soft cap is set at 2.5 million and the fundraising goal is 10 million. Toon Finance plans to launch their platform for space battlegrounds on January 1, 2023. The developers include Toon Jumper, Bluetooth Remix, Toon Mellow and Toon Sparkles. The project has no KYC and is not financial advice.

Exploring Toon Finance: The Secure Play to Learn Metaverse Backed by Sha 256 Encryption


What is up guys? Welcome back to Board Scripto. Today, we have a very interesting project regarding play to learn and the metaverse. We will be exploring how Toon Finance provides greater security while offering utility.

Understanding Toon Finance

Toon Finance is a protocol that operates as a decentralized exchange application platform. It is designed by a team of market leaders and blockchain developers aiming to fix the externality that surrounds the Play Torn gaming demand by ensuring a play to earn metaverse backed by Sha 256 encryption.

Noteworthy Features

Aside from being on Ethereum Chain and already on Coin Market Cap with 15,000 added to watchlist, Toon Finance is featured on Crypto.com with great numbers in crypto projects in these market conditions. Soft cap is set at 2.5 million while the goal is 10 million in fundraising.

Trading on Toon Finance

Toon Finance offers trading, exchanging of nfts, and bridge blockchains. It is more than just a team; it is a family. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, including their platform where you can explore space battlegrounds or advance with your friends in the play to earn lobby.
Feeling lucky or prefer strategy over luck? Join the space battlegrounds challenge platform and challenge other players with fair results while climbing the leaderboards and winning airdrops in the process.

Token Sale

It is a really interesting opportunity to purchase now with Ethereum at the stage 2 pre-sale. Toon Finance guarantees that they have Sha 256 encryption, are a decentralized exchange, have the space backgrounds multi-chain bridge, and no nonsense.

Future Plans

Toon Finance’s Roadmap outlines the company’s progress in achieving its goals, starting with the airdrop and pre-sale launch. They are now hosting the AMA, and the nfts are starting to roll out. Upcoming milestones include a live AMA with the community vote on platform of joy release of the nft artwork 100 select and the completion of the airdrop for the nft main passes.


Toon Finance provides an FAQ page answering basic questions regarding the platform, token sale, launch, developers, community, and other relevant details.


Toon Finance is an interesting project to keep an eye on if you are into crypto. It is featured in Coin Market Cap and Crypto.com, offering greater security and utility in play to learn metaverse. This is not financial advice, but Toon Finance offers an exciting opportunity to invest if they deliver what they promise. Join their community to learn more.

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