What’s It Like Being a Crypto Millionaire in Puerto Rico? Take a Look Inside Their Day.

The author wakes up and immediately checks on their team’s progress, as they work in a different time zone. They also check their investment portfolio, which has had a successful day. They follow a primarily plant-based diet, drink green tea, and focus on staying hydrated. They exercise regularly, including swimming in the ocean, playing basketball, and hitting the gym. After working all day, they typically eat dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, such as KOA or Palsy TiVo, and go for a long walk to hit their 10,000 step goal. The author is grateful for their life in Puerto Rico and takes advantage of the access to the ocean and warm weather.

Foreign Morning Routines: From Markets to Meal Plans

Market Moves

Foreign things that I do when I wake up in the morning is check to see what my team was able to accomplish at night time because they’re approximately 12 to 18 hours ahead of me so when it’s morning time here it is nighttime there and vice versa so I’m able to get all my work done send it over to them and then check it in the morning to see what they were able to do.

Portfolio Check

The other thing that I will do every single morning is check my portfolio. Today is an absurdly wildly Good day the portfolio is up over two hundred thousand dollars in the last 24 hours it is a good day so we will definitely be taking that.

Fuel Up

Now it’s also really important in the morning is my refrigerator I always keep things really stocked I’ve just always really enjoyed doing that so let me take you through the refrigerator and what I kind of do on a daily basis so I’m a huge Fiji guy absolutely love fiji’s gotta Have a lot of those I’m also a big green juice and coconut water guy so coconut water organic absolutely love it it’s my favorite you don’t know also I’m big into plant-based eating I primarily eat a Mediterranean diet which is a majority plant-based and these are the shakes That I have almost every single day and then after that you can see here I have some veggies with some tortillas and then I have a nice Asian salad so stuff for later I also have overnight oats in here as well as some water some carrots a little bit of plant-based Queso a little bit of hummus and that’s about it but I try to drink as much water as I can every single day gotta have the fiji’s now another thing that I have every single day pretty much is green tea so this is my favorite.

Power Hour and Sweat Session

After I wake up drink my water and do my power hour with my team and get some Immediate work done I have to move my body and I do so by working out. I work out about six to seven days a week for approximately 45 minutes to an hour and I also try to hit the sauna for approximately 20 minutes a day if there Is one and if there’s also a steam room or something I definitely try to relax and to just reset and get ready for the rest of the day now one of my other favorite activities and exercises is to go swimming and I like to do at least 15 to 30 minutes daily especially when I’m living here in Puerto Rico because the weather is up absolutely beautiful.

Lunchtime Eats

After I work out I definitely want to refuel and for lunch I typically eat the same thing every single day I have a small bowl of fruit and berries then I’ll have some oatmeal with nuts and peanut butter as well as some greens like a salad and Today my girlfriend and I also split a cheeseburger with some chips and guacamole they say avocado is seriously one of the most underrated Foods in a healthy fat so I definitely try to eat some of that each and every day.

Dinner Delights

Then my girlfriend and I will typically eat and have dinner in some of our favorite places to eat here in Puerto Rico are KOA and palsy TiVo Now KOA has one of the best New York strip A5 wagyu steaks we’ve ever had I’m not a big meat eater but this steak is something special they also have these baguettes which they are very difficult to get now but are absolutely the best baguettes and bread and butter I have Ever had in my entire life this meal is absolutely epic I also get the ginger marinated tofu with this cream sauce one of my favorite meals of all time is at akoa now if we end up going to positivo this is more of an Asian style Fusion restaurant we end up getting the Vegetarian noodles and the yasai roll this yasai roll is super colorful super flavorful and it is vegetarian and vegan again so you get all those healthy vegetables as well as a little bit of carbs with the noodles and the rice we absolutely love it at both of these Restaurants and then after dinner I will definitely go for a long walk to Walk off the food you definitely don’t want to sit around after you’ve eaten a big meal so I like to get in around 10 000 steps every single day that is my goal Which I normally do hit because I end up working out in the morning and do that 45 minute exercise and by the time I walk and run the beach and whatnot then I’ll actually go for this late night walk for about 30 to 45 minutes to wind Down after dinner and to digest now another way to get in my 10 000 steps is I love to play basketball I actually was a college basketball player and a four-year Varsity letter winner I absolutely love playing basketball and getting some shots up and just moving Around and this is even an easier way to get those 10 000 steps in.

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