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Web3 Wallet by Sons of Crypto is a decentralized wallet that provides a permissionless way for people to trade crypto. Their platform will include web3 SDK, browser extensions, and social media platforms. Their roadmap covers upcoming developments until Q4 of this year, and the company is committed to becoming the embodiment of crypto ideals, with a fair launch and user-owned tokens. The team is currently anonymous for security reasons. The project will fund revenue sources through white-label service chain integration grants, DeFi integration grants, and yield from fees. A successful iDOLaunch could see the token moon.

Web3 Wallet by Sons of Crypto: A Decentralized Wallet for All


Hello everyone and welcome back to this new article. Today we will be taking a close look at the Web3 Wallet by Sons of Crypto.


Before we continue, we would like to emphasize that we are not financial advisors and it is important to always do your own research before investing any money into cryptocurrency.

Overview of Web3 Wallet by Sons of Crypto

Web3 Wallet is a new decentralized wallet that provides a permissionless way for people to trade cryptocurrency. The project is in its development phase and promises to be a game changer in the crypto space.

What makes Web3 Wallet different?

Unlike other popular wallets like Metamask, Web3 Wallet aims to be truly permissionless. Metamask has been known to restrict access to certain countries that are under sanctions, which goes against the decentralized nature of crypto. Web3 Wallet is trying to solve this issue by providing users with a wallet that is detached from government and financial banking systems.

Web3 SDK

Apart from the Web3 Wallet, Sons of Crypto are also developing the Web3 SDK, an open-source SDK that covers all the boilerplate stuff required to develop Web3 apps on iOS, Android, and Web. The SDK will make it easier for developers to build decentralized applications and interact with smart contracts.

The Road Map

Web3 Wallet has a well-defined road map, which is an essential tool for any project. The road map extends to Q4 of this year, and the team has planned to improve the exceptional phase in Q3 by adding web3 browser extensions, layer 1 & 2 support, fiat on-ramp support, and a large directory of popular web3d apps interacting with smart contracts natively in applications. In Q4, they plan to launch reimagined and innovative web 3 services such as messenger, social media, and other essential services.

Token Distribution

There won’t be any preferential treatment or pre-sale in Web3 Wallet’s launch. The project’s tokens will be equally distributed among all participants. The project’s success depends on its fair launch, and the team will only get token rewards if it is phenomenally successful. It’s a great way to ensure that the team is motivated to build a product that can genuinely bring value to users.

Revenue Model

Web3 Wallet aims to generate revenue from white label services, chain integration, grants, and yield from fees. This means that all the token holders will receive all the fees from trades and participate in the project’s earnings.

The Team

One of the critical aspects that make a project trustworthy is the transparency of its team. The Web3 Wallet’s team is anonymous but justifiably so. They are committed to building a safer and more secure decentralized wallet free from manipulation. The team members have previously worked on some of the most popular crypto wallets in the ecosystem and have a history of delivering innovative solutions.

Join the Community

If you want to stay up to date with the latest updates and news from Web3 Wallet, consider following them on their social media accounts. They are available on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.


Web3 Wallet looks promising, with a strong team, clear vision, and a well-defined road map. As the crypto space continues to grow and decentralized platforms gain more significance, a truly permissionless wallet like Web3 Wallet will become crucial to realize the full potential of Web3.

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