Get Ready: XRP, BTC, and Other Cryptocurrencies Are Set to Explode Today! You Don’t Want to Miss This!

XRP’s price jumped over 30% in a day and is expected to get even crazier today, according to a video report. The report puts forward a couple of theories for why XRP’s price went up, including an airdrop and market manipulation. However, it also advises that today’s FOMC meeting is crucial for understanding what the market is thinking. Later today there will be an interest rate decision; it is expected to increase and be followed by a future outlook discussion. The video also mentions live streaming the meeting and looking out for juicy trading opportunities.

The XRP Price Goes Wild and What to Expect Today

The XRP price had a major 30 percent increase in just one day, and it seems that today might get even crazier, as there are some important events happening that might impact the cryptocurrency market. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the XRP price increase, the possible impact of today’s FOMC meeting, and other noteworthy crypto news.

XRP Price Increase and Theories

There are some leading theories about why the XRP price went up so drastically. Some believe it is due to the Corium airdrop, as Solargenic and other XP ledger entities performed well. Others believe it was due to manipulation.

The main resistance price for XRP is the 50 cent region, which aligns with the 200-weekly moving average. The price touched this resistance level before dropping back down.

FOMC Meeting and Its Possible Impact

Today is the FOMC meeting, and there are expectations that the interest rate will increase by 0.25 percent. Some believe that this increase will cause the markets to dip, while others believe that it is already priced in.

There are attractive investment opportunities in the stock market, particularly in sectors that were beaten up in 2022. This should help lead the recovery out of the economic slowdown.


In conclusion, the XRP price surge was due to various factors, and today’s FOMC meeting may have an impact on the markets. It is important to stay informed and observe the developments as they happen. As always, make sure to press the like button and check out platforms such as Buy Bit for trading opportunities.

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