Exciting New Crypto Project: BLAST OFF with Low Cap Gem

UREEQA is a platform for protecting, managing, and monetizing creative work, aiming to help protect creators’ work, their rights, and their revenue. The closed beta started on March 23 with artists aboard that create physical works like paintings and sculptures. The platform works as a package of proof and enforcement company, where creators can secure their timestamps on the Ethereum blockchain by paying a nominal fee in fiat using a credit card or through Utrust in crypto. Creators can have their work validated by members of the crypto community, who’ve been trained and certified by UREQA. The validators perform the work for the URQA tokens, and at the end, the work is represented as an NFT, and UREEQA isn’t just minting NFTs. They are minting NFTs that have creator’s rights attached to them.

Breaking Down UREEQA: Protecting, Managing and Monetizing Creative Work

We Don’t Talk About Hidden Gems As Much

In the world of cryptocurrency, hidden gems are highly sought after. However, it’s becoming more challenging to find these diamonds in the rough. That’s why when a new one arises, it’s worth taking note of. UREEQA is that hidden gem, and it’s gaining traction fast.

Introducing UREEQA

UREEQA aims to solve one of the biggest problems in the creative world, copyright infringement. Artists, musicians, photographers, and other creators struggle to receive the rightful compensation for their work. According to a recent study, 85% of all images on the internet were used without permission. This is where UREEQA comes in.

How UREEQA Works

The platform’s primary goal is to protect, manage and monetize creative work. Creators can secure their work and stake their claim on the Ethereum blockchain by paying a nominal fee in fiat or crypto. Members of the crypto community can also validate the work for three critical factors – authorship, ownership, and originality. If it passes this validation phase, an NFT is minted, representing the creator’s rights to a unique piece. The work enters UREEQA’s Premium Protected Collection, where users can view information about the creator, the work, the validation steps, and more.

The Importance of UREEQA

UREEQA’s platform revolutionizes the internet by providing the first truly validated NFTs. The system has a dashboard that enables users to send demand letters to infringers with links to pay. If someone refuses to pay, UREEQA offers legal cooperation to protect the creators’ rights.

Team and Potential Traction

UREEQA’s team is entirely public, and the project has already gained traction with impressive partnerships. UREEQA has even attracted Lifehouse’s band member, a sculptor commissioned by cities for multi-million-dollar works, and a Hollywood movie. The team is also continuously expanding with advisors like Michael Sheresky and Ramses IsHak, who have worked with top Hollywood talent for years.

In summary, UREEQA provides a revolutionary platform that protects, manages and monetizes creative work while providing creators with rightful compensation. With its promising team and potential traction, it’s an exciting project worth keeping an eye on.

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