“Discover How to Earn Immediate 5% with Fairdesk: A Comprehensive Look”

The speaker is reviewing the Fair Desk exchange, which they’ve been testing for derivatives trading. They were attracted to the exchange as it offered a bonus of 5% on deposits. They found the liquidity to be better than other exchanges and the price entry to be very exact. They placed two trades and have already made a profit. The accumulated deposit bonus ranges from 2.75% to 5% and can be used to offset fees. The speaker encourages others to try the exchange and participate in the current event. They discuss different savings and trading products, as well as support from the exchange. The speaker trades using VUP and buys assets that have dipped a lot. They are waiting for BCH to perform and are not worried about the risk as they have good risk management.

Review of the Fair Desk Uh Exchange

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the Fair Desk Uh Exchange and the benefits it provides to traders. As a derivatives trader, I have tested out a few different alternatives, and the reason why I want to test Fair Desk today is that they have a bonus that instantly adds an extra 5% to my deposited funds.

Testing the Platform

To see how the platform works, I deposited $270 and have already made $14-15 just from depositing and placing a few trades. The liquidity on the platform is better than a lot of exchanges, and the price I received on entry was very exact, which is rare to see on a newer exchange.

Successful Trades

I have already placed two trades and am up almost a complete risk on BCH. I am scalping for a bigger reward, which I will discuss later. Additionally, there is an accumulated deposit bonus available that instantly adds to your funds. The bonus ranges from 5% for 100 to 12K, 2.7% for 12K to 20K, and 2.75%.

Free Fees

As a scalper, free fees are vital to me, and with the accumulated deposit bonus, I can offset all fees. I will be exchanging more and doing a follow-up video as well.

Important Points

Everything that I said will be available in the links in the description below. I want to clarify that this video is not financial advice. Additionally, there are different rewards available, such as flexible savings base APY, reward APY, fixed savings VP, and exclusive savings.

Savings Options

The savings options range from five percent APY for USDC to four percent for USDP, and the rates for Heavy is 80. You also have the option of unrealized gains, which are calculated based on the progressive reward system.

Technical Analysis

As for my trading strategy, I managed to dunk on XTC and have a BCH long on the exchange. I also have Salmon on fire, and everything is green because the market is rebounding. My risk-reward factor is high, covering my losses from risky trades.

Bitcoin Trading

I’m trading Bitcoin based on the fact that it had a massive dump, then an instant pullback, and is now trending again. It went down and is now trying to rise above $19,330. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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