Attention XRP, BTC & Crypto Holders: The Start of Something Huge, Panic Ensues!

In his daily crypto news update, Dusty discusses three major events currently affecting the market. The first is the US midterm elections, which has led to volatility in the market. The second event is the inflation reports due to come out on November 10th, which may cause further market disruption. The third event is the FTX/Binance drama, which has caused fear, uncertainty, and doubt among investors and led to a sharp drop in some cryptocurrencies. The FTX situation has raised concerns among US regulators, who may consider implementing stricter rules for crypto exchanges in the future. Despite the current volatility, Dusty believes the crypto space will not be greatly harmed and will continue to grow.

The Daily Crypto News: Crypto Market Update

Greetings, it’s Dusty here and welcome back to another episode of The Daily Crypto News. Today, I’ll be giving you a quick update on what’s going on in the world of crypto. The market has experienced some wild fluctuations and the situation is quite clear. To put it simply, there are three main factors impacting the market:

Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are taking place today, which has led to extremely volatile times in the market. Bitcoin went up to about $21,000 today but went as low as $16,800 on some exchanges like buybit causing significant dips. BNB also had some crazy pumps, being up 25% on the day, but is now down 7% with the price fluctuating between $300 and $399. Many other coins, such as FTT, have experienced massive fluctuations as well.

Inflation Reports

The US inflation rate numbers are coming out on November 10th, which is also a volatile time for the entire market. This, together with the midterm elections, is causing a lot of ruckus in both the traditional asset markets and crypto.

FTX-Binance Drama

The FTX-Binance drama is the third factor affecting the market. FTX is assumed to be insolvent or their investment arm, Alameda Capital, is said to be insolvent as well. They have been lobbying against crypto, and it has caused many to feel uncertain. Binance has announced that they will be purchasing FTX, causing a significant pump, however, when people began to realize the implications, the market got panicked and started to drop.

Future of Crypto

There are a lot of unknowns currently in the market. However, one thing that is certain is that US regulators may start to come down harder on crypto exchanges following FTX’s issues. Despite the volatility and uncertainties, the crypto space will not be too much harmed by this. Holding onto your crypto in a safe ledger will allow you to keep control over it, while Binance will remain a safe option to rely on. Regardless of the market’s current state, we are still at the inception of a bigger wave in the crypto space.


In summary, the current situation in the crypto market is highly volatile with massive fluctuations. The midterm elections, inflation rate numbers, and FTX-Binance drama are all major factors contributing to the market’s instability. Despite the market’s immaturity and fragility, holding onto your crypto in a safe way will allow you to keep control over it, regardless of unforeseen events that cause big waves.

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