“What Makes Casper Network CSPR So Great? Discover My Top Reasons and Upcoming Rate Hikes!”

In this YouTube video, the speaker discusses the current price of Casper and how interest rate hikes could affect it. They then delve into why they chose to invest in Casper in the first place, highlighting its proof-of-stake and scalability features, and discuss their strategy of investing in “low-cap crypto gems” for potential high rewards. The speaker reminds listeners that Casper is young, but has already achieved impressive accomplishments, and believes the sky’s the limit for its future. They conclude by encouraging viewers to continue investing in Casper during the current “fire sale” in the crypto market.

Investing in Casper

Yo, what is up YouTube, it’s your boy the Captain here back again with another video, and today we are talking about nothing other than the great and awesome Casper. We are also going to be talking about the interest rate hikes and how they may be affecting Casper, and I’m going to be sharing with you why I even chose to invest in Casper in the first place.

The Current State of Casper

Let’s jump straight into it and take a look at the current price of Casper, which has had somewhat of a sell-off and is sitting at around four cents. However, I think the big thing that’s really going to affect Casper will be the next rate hike, and it’s going to be announced very, very soon. Just hours away at this point.

The Fed Faces Pressure

Many analysts out there are confident that the Fed will hike its baseline interest rates by another 0.75 percentage points at the end of a Wednesday meeting. However, it may also mark a turning point as the Fed faces growing pressure to take its foot off the brakes of the economy.

The Impact on the Crypto Space

The way I see it is that if Jerome Powell announces 75 basis points, however, he also mentions something along the lines of saying “hey, we’re not going to be as aggressive moving forward when it comes to these rate hikes,” I think it would be huge for the whole crypto space overall. And I think that’s what a lot of people are looking for. They’re pretty much expecting 75 basis points; however, they do want to see Powell have less of an aggressive tone, so to speak.

Why Invest in Casper

Now I want to talk about why I even chose to invest in Casper in the first place and how I discovered it. My journey with Casper began with me being disappointed in myself for missing out on the run when it comes to Ethereum and Cardano. I remember thinking to myself like, “oh man, I missed out on the run when it comes to Ethereum and Cardano. There has to be another one like that out there somewhere.” That is what I thought to myself, and this led me down a rabbit hole of just going deep into layer 1 blockchains and figuring out essentially which one was going to be the next big thing. During that time, I stumbled upon Casper.

The Hidden Gem

When I looked at Casper, I thought, “oh wow, it hasn’t had its massive run yet. It’s focused on Enterprise adoption. It’s proof of stake and scalable.” I was like, “oh my goodness, this is like a hidden gem.” From that moment on, I really started getting deep into Casper. I started being obsessed with Casper, and I started to love it a lot.

Investing in Low-Cap Crypto Gems

My whole objective when it comes to investing in cryptos for the most part is investing in quote-unquote low-cap crypto gems, for example, something like Casper. I still invest in for example something like XRP, XLM, QNT, Chronos. However, for the most part, I go deeper into these low-cap crypto gems. By me investing in these quote-unquote low-cap crypto gems, I am obviously taking a bigger risk; however, I don’t mind that because I am after the reward, which in my opinion has the potential to be great.

Casper’s Accomplishments

Casper is still relatively very young, and despite its young age, it has accomplished a lot already. Casper has its very own enterprise-grade NFT standard (CEP-78) and is partnering with Amazon Web Services. Casper has joined IBM’s global partner program and has been listed on exchanges like Gate IO, OKX, KuCoin, Kobi Maxi. It is the blockchain of choice for the city of Fucho, China, partnering up with the government of Telangana in India. Having MetaCast, the world’s first NFT marketplace for whiskey tasks, being built on Casper, and there are many more to come in my opinion.

The Future of Casper

With all that being said, Casper has actually accomplished a lot of impressive things despite its young age. Who knows how big Casper will be in five years from now, seven years from now? Honestly, time will tell, but I think it’s going to be something spectacular.

The Limitless Potential of Casper

Back in 2016, did anyone ever imagine Ethereum could ever be this big? Just think about that, right? The future of Casper could look totally different than what it looks like to date. Only time will tell, and there’s no telling as to how big Casper can go. Honestly, I believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to Casper.

Buying in the Dip

If we take a look at the Bitcoin rainbow price chart, Bitcoin, along with the whole crypto space overall, is currently in a fire sale zone. The whole crypto space as of right now is extremely oversold, and historically speaking, bear markets and times of low prices don’t last forever. There are times when things turn around for the better, and during these low prices, I’m going to keep buying Casper, and I’m going to dollar-cost average myself all the way to the next bull run.


That’s been it for today’s YouTube video. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the video, and make sure to smash that like button. Also, make sure to click subscribe, so you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest Casper news and content. It’s been your boy, the Captain, and I’ll catch you guys on the next one. I’m out. Peace!

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