Experience the Ultimate P2E Battle Arena Game on Ethereum with 3D NFT Avatars in Ava Area

In this video, Pablo introduces Eva Area, a metaverse-based play-to-earn battle game built on the Ethereum blockchain with 3D NFT avatars. He discusses the concept of the game, the competent team behind it, the 3D NFT avatars integration, and the various ways to earn within the ecosystem, including earning through tokens, betting, battling, renting NFTs, and an affiliate program. With a pre-sale coming up, Pablo suggests investigating the project as a potential investment opportunity and encourages viewers to conduct their own research before investing.

Exploring Eva Area: The Play-to-Earn Battle United Game Built on Ethereum Blockchain with 3D NFT Avatars

Hey guys, Pablo here and welcome back to a brand new video! In this one, we’re going to talk about a project called Eva Area, a metaverse-based play-to-earn battle united game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain with 3D NFT avatars. Let’s dive in and explore what this project has to offer in terms of functionality, investment opportunity, and more.

What Makes Eva Area a Good Investment Opportunity?
Right off the bat, I’ll tell you what I like about this project and what really inspired me. In crypto projects, we look for solid investment opportunities, and we are looking for an all-in-one project that has everything we need, such as a solid team, a solo utility, or utilities for the token, a developed platform, and additional bonuses such as awareness rights, holders rewards, staking, and NFTs. Eva Area fulfills all of these requirements in an exemplary way and has competence, a complete ecosystem, 3D NFT avatars, integrated gameplay, and use in tournaments and NFT battles.

The Gameplay
Eva Area is a playroom battle arena game on the Ethereum blockchain, in which players compete with each other using the 3D NFT avatars that they either created or purchased. There are 5,000 in total, with more to come. Eva Area has 3D turn-based role-playing games and all of them based on the concept of play-to-earn. You can participate in tournaments, collect valuable items, sell, exchange, auction your NFT through the marketplace, and upgrade your NFTs by modifying them piece by piece.

The Tokenomics
Area token is the native in-game currency and serves as a deflationary utility token that empowers the whole Eva Area ecosystem. Every operation is done through the Area token, whether it is to acquire components, land, equipment, ranking up, battling, betting, and more. With every transaction, a 2% fee is charged, with 0.5% being burned, 0.5% being stored in a reward pool, and 1% going to stakers and holders. Holders with more than 50,000 tokens receive free NFT drops every quarter.

Ways to Earn in Eva Area’s Ecosystem
There are different ways through which you can earn in this ecosystem, such as area token holders being rewarded in every single transaction. Holders with more than 50,000 tokens get free NFT drop every quarter. By staking area token, you can receive rewards in the form of more tokens and NFT drops with over 30% return in the first year. Betting, battling and spectating battles, renting NFTs, and the affiliate program are also ways to earn rewards.

Eva Area is an all-in-one blockchain-based play-to-earn battle United game with 3D NFT avatars that integrate into different gaming platforms. It has an intuitive design, competent team, complete ecosystem, 3D NFT avatars, gaming modes, and gameplay. The Area token empowers the ecosystem, and there are various ways to earn in the ecosystem – Area token holders being rewarded, by staking the area token, betting, battling and spectating, renting NFTs, and through the affiliate program. It is a project worth exploring!

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