Discover the Rocket-Ready Best Low Cap Project (2 Gems Revealed)

NFT Update is a weekly show discussing NFT projects. In the most recent episode, the hosts discussed Monsters Clan, a blockchain game where users can feed, breed, and play with monsters, with the added bonus of earning while playing. The hosts also discussed Blocks Space, an app and yield farm that allows users to generate NFTs using 1000 blocks that can be purchased on the platform, with users earning rewards from sales. Both projects are relatively low market cap, providing an opportunity for investment and potential growth.

Welcome to NFT Update!

We come to you every Saturday at 11AM as well as Wednesday 3PM.

Introducing the team

I’m Justin. – Yeah. Two times a week now. I’m Deezy. Also known as Jeezy over here.

NFT Projects and Low Market Cap Gems

Let’s talk about some NFT projects this week. We got some really good projects, and we have a nice low market cap gem that we’re going to get into.

Pluto Alliance

Before we get started in all that, real quick, Pluto Alliance. Huge smashing success. In the middle of the night.

Monsters Clan

The first project we’re going to go over is Monsters Clan. So Wednesday, we did a brief mention. That was during their IDO on Monsters Clan.

Blocks Space

Let’s talk about another low cap gem. We talked about them before, but we didn’t really go in depth. Blocks Space.

Giveaway and App

This is a great project. It’s an app. It’s a token. And it’s a yield farm. And the app– I was actually talking with Frank in the office.

Earning while using the app

Another really cool thing about this is you can actually earn while you have the images and why you purchased the blocks. So this rewards the whole– all the users in the ecosystem, all the people who stake, the sales will trickle down.

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