Discover the Reasons Why I’m Purchasing QUANT at Last!

The speaker announces they have purchased two units of QNT and added it to their live portfolio tracker. They explain there are two reasons for this- accountability for themselves and motivation for others. Their goal is to invest as close to 10,000 dollars in QNT, which they expect to reach a four digit price by 2025. They plan to sell as the price goes up and hope to make a profit of 209,000 dollars. The details are available in the full video, linked in the comments.

Adding Quant to the Live Portfolio Tracker

Finally finally finally dudes, I’ve been sold on Quant, and I’m going to add it to my second buy of this live portfolio tracker. There are two reasons I want to do this. One is to keep myself accountable, and two, it’s for you guys as well to be motivated.

Total QNT in the Portfolio

Managed to get 2.1 QNT total; we’ve added that to our portfolio right now. What you guys need to remember is again, I’m not buying this for a price in 2023. My whole goal for this portfolio is to try and get as close to ten thousand dollars.

Predictions for QNT Pricing

I honestly think it’s a four-digit price by 2025, and I’m really looking at a sale price of 2.5k total. I’ll be selling as we go up, and it’s not like about this price; I have to get this price I won’t sell but again just looking at the total returns in this, for a safe altcoin with limited supply – 209 grand for 10K, I’ll take it.

Full Video Link

If you want to see the full video of this, guys check the comment; it’s going to be pinned to the full video. I’ll see you over there.


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