Cardano Plummeting? Brace Yourself for Ripple & XRP Surge, as Aptos Challenges Solana’s Dominance.

In this video, Dusty covers various topics related to the cryptocurrency space. It includes issues with Cardano where almost 60% of the Cardano nodes went offline, Solana’s troubled price due to FTX, and the success of Aptos, which is considered to be a Solana killer. Dusty also talks about the US Feds seizing nearly $700 million of Sam Begman Freed’s assets due to improper business practices in FTX. He highlights that holding crypto in your name makes it harder for others to seize it.

The Daily Crypto News

Hey guys, what is up, it’s Dusty here and welcome back to another episode of The Daily crypto news. Today has been a pretty crazy day, but take a look at what happened to all these different altcoins. If you’re a fan of altcoins, this is a video for you as we’re going to talk about everything that’s been happening over the last 48 hours that’s important to know.


So, one of those things has to do with Cardano. Apparently, 60% of all the Cardano nodes went offline, which was a very big shocker. The entire Cardano community was trembling in their boots for a little bit. However, even though we had some issues and 60% was just faulty for a little bit, it did not impact too much. Block production was only briefly impacted, with a portion of the network falling out of sync for approximately there before nodes restarted.

Solana and Aptos

A few hours ago, over half of all the Coronado nodes went offline. This is why decentralization matters, and it’s interesting to note that for Solana, which is facing a similar issue, the coin price is not doing so well right now. FTX is the Solana killer, and Aptos is doing well. Aptos was heavily backed up by VCs, and it could have been the next big thing.

FTX News

The US feds have apparently confiscated nearly 700 million dollars of Sam Begman Freed’s assets. FTX was doing really well, and all they wanted was to invest more money, but it wasn’t the best choice. CZ warned us all for proper risk management. It’s been interesting to watch this thus far, as obviously it’s going to take a long time to get this all through.

Crypto Ownership

If you hold crypto, in theory, they can never take it away from you. If you have money in a company under your own name, it’s a lot harder for them to track and take it away. But if you have it in your own name, it’s pretty simple to take.

So, these were some highlights of the latest happenings in the crypto world. Stay tuned for more updates and news.

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