What’s Happening to 100x Pepe Coin? How Much of This Crypto Should You Hold?

Ben, also known as BitBoy Crypto, discusses his experience with memecoins, specifically PEPE coin. He warns viewers to be careful and not take his discussion as financial advice. Despite this, he explains that he has made a significant amount of money investing in the memecoin and encourages viewers to get in early before the hype dies down. He explains how much money he has invested and made through PEPE coin and warns against investing in coins that do not have any use case or utility. Overall, he advises caution and encourages viewers to do their research before investing in any memecoin.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. There’s Madden. Say what’s up. Hi! Which one of those is your favorite? I’m your biggest bird. This is the biggest bird that you’ve seen thus far. That’s a Pudgy Penguin.

New NFTs and Memecoins

Guys, I got my new NFTs up. I got my new Bored Ape. Pretty fun. Guys, we’re having fun tonight. We’re having fun with PEPE coin! Where are we going with PEPE coin? We are really sprouting these memecoins today. For sure.

Trading with Memecoins

Guys, I made a bunch of money with this WOJAK coin. And then I made a bunch of money with– Well, I lost a bunch of money with my GENSLR coin. And so I moved it all over to PEPE. And PEPE has been killing it. And it’s like the No.1 trading coin right now. The volume is the No. 1 memecoin volume right under Dogecoin.

The Hype of PEPE coin

And, you know, I think there’s something different about this coin. And when I say different, does that mean that there’s any use case to it or any utility at all? No, absolutely not! It just means that this one seems to be in the vein of SHIB and DOGE that may have some staying power.

Be Careful with Memecoins

And you can tell because of all the hype, all the searches around it. I got– I think right now my bag’s worth about $35K of PEPE coin. So, you know, not enough to buy a Bored Ape NFT. You guys like the NFT flex? I love this room down here.

Memecoins and Financial Advice

We’ve just got to get a TV back there. But anyways, the point is, is that be careful with these memecoins. With this PEPE coin, it really is ripping right now. And I moved some more ETH over to it and had a little bit of a dip. Learn from my GENSLR coin experience. I lost a lot of money on that coin.

PEPE coin Investment

So, look, guys, we’re having fun with these memecoins. This should not be skewed as financial advice I’m telling you guys to go get in these. Chances are, with PEPE, you’ve already missed it. You’ve already missed that initial entry. Look. Because right now it’s at like– I don’t know where it’s at. $2 million market cap? $10 million market cap? I don’t know. Something like that. It’s in the millions.

Retirement and Investing

And– or maybe it’s $100 million. I don’t even know. But what I do know is, right now, even at $100 million, If it were to go up to $5 billion, $5 billion, I’m going to 50X my investment. And– or 50X where I am now. And that’s like $300,000.

Is $1.5 million going to be enough to change your life? It might be. Who knows? Depends on who you are. I’d say a million dollars don’t get nearly as far as it used to go.

Making Money with Memecoins

Back before I had a million dollars, I thought this was the end-all be-all and that’s all that I needed in life was a million dollars and I could have turned it into whatever. That is false. That is not true.

Advice on Memecoins

Probably what the number is you probably need more like $5 million to $10 million really to be able to retire and retire comfortably. And even then, you’ve got to watch your money. You can’t be out buying Lambos and stuff when you got $5 million, $10 million, so.

Not that I didn’t do it. But the point is, is with these memecoins, you’ve got to get it early. If you’re really looking for some memecoins to jump in,

I would certainly say you want to catch them early. You want to catch them right when the hype starts on Twitter. If I jumped in that PEPE coin a couple days earlier, I would have crushed it even more.

PEPE coin Investment Summary

My bag will probably be worth $100,000, $200,000 right now, so, maybe even more. I made the mistake of waiting a little bit too long because I’m hesitant to jump into these. And how much did I put into it? How much did I put into it? Originally, I put one ETH into it. And then I pulled– or maybe it was two. I put two ETH into it.

I pulled one out. I sent some to somebody because they missed it and I felt bad for them. So it’s just money, so it’s whatever. So I sent somebody like maybe $1,200 worth, which now is worth like $3,500, you know?

So good for them. And, you know, it is what it is. It’s one of these things where, you know, if I would have put more in earlier, I would have been much better.

Final Thoughts

I pulled my original two ETH investment out by the way before I even sent that to somebody. And from there, I also pulled all of it out when I made all my money on Stake the other night. So, how much did I put back in? I put back in– I want to say four ETH. I think I put four ETH right now.

And right now it’s worth about 17 ETH. So it’s going pretty good. But don’t skew this as– don’t skew this as financial advice. Don’t skew this as something that will happen to you. I really got– I don’t want to say I got lucky. I don’t think I really got lucky on this, to be honest with you.

I got– I did research. And I just– I felt the vibes from the community. I felt the vibes from crypto Twitter on where this was going. And I’d seen this with several other projects before that, and I let it go.

And not necessarily memecoins, but maybe NFTs, but Sappy Seals is one of them, Pudgy Penguins is another one, you know, obviously, Bored Ape took a while to take off, or maybe not, Maybe Bored Apes did not take a while to come, maybe they started going off right after they were launched. I didn’t know what they were when they were launched those.

So, certainly, be safe out there with these memecoins. But PEPE coin is one that, you know. It’s killing it right now. We’ll see where it goes. We’ll see if it’ll be the next DOGE or the next SHIBA. If it is, then I guess you’ll have to call me the Frog King. That’s all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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