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The content creator welcomes viewers to their channel specialised in discussing new cryptocurrencies, updated projects, games, platforms and anything related to blockchain technology. They introduce Hash Palette, a blockchain technology network that manages and distributes digital items using NFTs, whose crypto asset, PLT, has completed an IEO in Japan and is available for NFT trading at their marketplace. Hash Palette provides services to content holders entering the NFT marketplace and offers infrastructure to develop new services using NFTs. They have a thorough white paper, a roadmap and a team page on their website, as well as news and social media links.


Yo what’s up guys welcome back to crypto video as always your One Stop channel for everything that has to do with new cryptocurrencies updated projects games platforms really anything that has to do with cryptocurrencies and blockchain Technology we talk about it on this channel.

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About the Channel

Everything we do on this channel is mostly just reviewing stuff taking a look at them discussing why it is that they have potential and it’s just me giving you guys my personal opinion and why you guys gotta check this out it’s not Financial advice.

Introduction to Hash Palette

Today we’re going to be talking about hash palette as you guys see right there in the left top hand corner of the screen. We are going to see that we have our good old tabs right here at the top right and we’re also going to link in the description of the video their socials so you guys can get in touch with them if you guys have any questions.

Description of Hash Palette

Palette is a blockchain technology Network for issuing managing and distributing digital items their crypto asset PLT has completed an ieo for the first time in Japan in 2021 and can be used for nft trading at their nft Marketplace PLT Place crypto wallet PLT Wallet also makes crypto assets and nfts more accessible so that is available as well.

Researching Hash Palette

When it comes to new projects it’s really good to do your research see if exactly what they’re about see if you Vibe with them with the community is saying about it it’s very important aspect of your research to initially get involved with the projects and I like how they have it right here a portion of their socials like how they have it available for us on that page now.

White Paper and Roadmap

The white paper very important aspect and it’s a very thorough white paper they really don’t leave anything out so it’s nice to see you know they have an area for the summary a bit about the project with the background and why the nfts matter nft Marketplace expansion and use cases so really breaking it down all this area is really important very crucial for people getting into the space people who are a bit more new to it you know it really makes it a lot easier when they have a description of it and really gives them an understanding about how the project gets involved with the concept of nfts and blockchain challenges and solutions big picture and projects solar token economy overview Issuances and recording of nfts sales and distributions participation in pots chain governance technical specifications we will get into it about PLT the roadmap and their team so we’re going to take a quick look at some of that stuff.


If we hit news it’s really cool they have this area where they have all the areas in which the project has been on the news so really good to see obviously it makes it a lot more attractive service the different Services offered so the features the three features of pot govern Us by consensus nodes the content holder.

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