“The Ultimate Wallet for Web3: Discover Tally Ho”

Encrypted host Cryptic talks about Tally Ho, an open-source, community-owned, and operated web 3 wallet. Tally Ho swaps offers half the price of other wallets, with no hidden fees, and 100% open source. It has been audited by the premier security firms in web 3, making it a secure and private wallet. Its Dio is forming, offering community resources that can be found on Discord, Twitter, and Github. Tally Ho is supported by Curve, Yearn, Synthetics, and other significant web 3 projects. Tally Ho offers L2 support, more EVM chains, and NFT galleries, coming soon.


Welcome back to Encrypted, where we bring you the latest news and trends in the crypto world. Today, we’ve got another gem for you – Tally Ho. In this article, we’ll go over what Tally Ho is, how it works, and why you should consider investing in it.

What is Tally Ho?

Tally Ho is an open source, community-owned and operated web 3 wallet. It’s redefining the wallet as a public good and is a great investment opportunity.

Features of Tally Ho

Tally Ho has all the features you love about Metamask, with the difference that all of their profits flow back to the community, not a corporation. They’re fully transparent and open source, and have a ledger support that actually works. With Tally Ho, you’ll find swaps that are half the price of other wallets, with no hidden fees. They’ve got L2 support coming soon, more EVM chains, and an NFT gallery coming soon.

Security and Transparency

Tally Ho combines bulletproof security and top-to-bottom transparency so that you can explore the web 3 without having to worry about your privacy. Your private keys are secured on your computer, and never leave your device. They also don’t track your activity or addresses. Tally Ho has been independently audited, and their core, extension, and smart contracts have all undergone review from the industry’s most respected security auditors.

Join the Tally Ho Community

Join the Tally Ho discord and check out their community resources. Get in touch with their social media platforms and sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on the latest news and opportunities.


Tally Ho is a great investment opportunity that combines security, transparency, and community ownership. It’s an alternative to Metamask that offers cheaper swaps and no hidden fees. With Tally Ho, you can be sure that your privacy is safe and that you’re investing in a solid project with fantastic features and a supportive community.

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