The Ignite $10M DeFi Funding Program is unveiled by Fuse Network.

Blockchain network Fuse has announced a funding programme aimed at promoting growth and innovation in several areas of the Fuse ecosystem. The programme aims to incentivise top talent, facilitate growth and foster community within Fuse. It is structured around liquidity incentives and grants, with DeFi projects able to apply for liquidity incentives designed to encourage user activity and an influx of liquidity upon deployment on the Fuse Network. The platform also offers grants of between $5,000 and $25,000 to teams with projects or services that align with the Fuse mission. The launch of Fuse Ignite coincides with the launch of the Fuse launchpad on Voltage Finance, which aims to be the go-to solution for new tokens looking to join the Fuse ecosystem.

Fuse Network, which is EVM-compatible and Layer-1 decentralised public blockchain, supports sectors including DeFi, NFTs and gaming. Its primary aim is to enable seamless and affordable crypto payments in daily life. The network boasts lightning-fast transactions, with confirmations in just five seconds at an average cost of less than a cent. Fuse aims to unshackle long tail business from antiquated technology by investing in projects aligned with its mission and adding economic value to the ecosystem. Over 100 Web3 projects, including infrastructure to DeFi and NFTs, have joined the Fuse ecosystem. Fuse has facilitated over 120 million transactions, generating 1.35 million wallets. The company saw its market cap peak at nearly $300m, with TVL growing to $40m.

Fuse hopes this new programme will reinvigorate the community and increase stakeholder engagement, making the ecosystem more vital and attracting more enthusiasts to increase the economic value of Fuse and champion its mission of bringing mainstream business adoption. Fuse is likely to continue its growth trajectory and play a significant role in the future of finance. More information and details on how to apply for the new incentives programme can be found on the Fuse website.

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