Launchpool and Unizen collaborate on strategic partnership.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Launchpool has formed a strategic partnership with web3 operating system Unizen to source and vet high-quality crypto and web3 projects at an early stage. Unizen will act as the exclusive gateway for Launchpool projects, and its ZenX Labs will provide bespoke strategic advisory services to projects listed on Launchpool’s platform. Only the best projects will have the opportunity to raise funds on Launchpool. Launchpool’s founder Liam Robertson said the two firms shared similar value propositions and investment philosophies. Sean Noga, CEO of Unizen, said the two firms were “helping the best builders BUIDL, and then presenting these opportunities to everyone”. The move will help to improve the accessibility and quality of the web3 space in the coming months.

Launchpool believes DeFi investment should be equitable and that all project stakeholders are equally important. Its platform allows users to participate in initial DEX offerings (IDOs) and receive rewards for staking their tokens. Unizen’s operating system allows users to interact securely and cost-efficiently with all aspects of web3, regardless of the underlying blockchain technology. Its system solves cost, accessibility, interoperability issues, and other complexities in the DeFi space.

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