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In this video, the speaker introduces Pulley, a play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem developed by a team with expertise in game development, solidity development, branding, and marketing. The video provides details about the token, including its current price, market cap, and supply. Pulley’s website links to its social media accounts and provides a roadmap that the project is following. The speaker also announces that Pulley will be listed on the centralized exchange and that several marketing campaigns will be run on various social media platforms. The video also mentions the NFT upgrades in Pulley’s latest game and provides links to Pulley’s YouTube channel and website.

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Introduction: Pulley Token

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Crypto Advanced channel. My name is Hazeek, and in this video, we’re going to be taking a look at Pulley. I do want to say that I’m not a financial advisor and you should do your own research before investing money into crypto.

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Pulley Token: An Overview

Jumping into Coin Market Cap, the current price of the Pulley token is sitting at 0.084 cents. It’s up 21% on the daily, and the total supply is 100 million tokens with the self-reported circulating supply sitting at 50 million at the moment. The market cap is at almost 4 million dollars, so this is in the low cap gem territory.

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The Team behind Pulley Token

Reading about the leaders over at Pulley, the team is managed by Christopher Johnson and John Gibb, as well as Timothy Ogin and Misha Love. They are developing new play-to-earn games for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and, most importantly, for their holders. The team is also backed by a tremendous support team with a game developer, solidity developer, NFT and 3D designer, branding manager, and a marketing manager, as well as a tremendous group of administrators and moderators on all social media platforms.

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What is Pulley Token?

Pulley, once referred to as Pulley Eno, is a token held by one of the strongest teams in the Binance Smart Chain network from a leadership, marketing, and a technical point of view. The project is aiming to create a play-to-earn game accessible from cell phones, PCs, and tablets, where it will be possible to have access to all the services and products that Pulley can offer.

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Pulley Token Roadmap

This is a roadmap for the project, and every project should have a roadmap. It’s a very crucial part of a successful startup project. This is phase one over here, and it is fully completed as of now, and currently, we are in phase two of the roadmap, and there are three more phases after that.

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Pulley Token’s Listing on

The Pulley token will be listed on the centralized exchange called, and they are going to have lots of things coming in with this token. You are going to have an airdrop with tasks on this website and you have deposit withdrawal competitions, net deposit withdraw competitions. There will also be staking available for the Pulley token.

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Pulley Token on Social Media Platforms

The XT social media campaign includes platforms like Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. Also, If you go to Coin Market Cap and you go to community over here, you can see all their social media is linked.

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This is pretty much it regarding this project. A very exciting project getting NFT upgrades to their latest game, which is very exciting. If you have any questions, leave them down below in the comment section, and I will make sure to answer as soon as I can. Thank you for watching. Goodbye and good night.

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