“Discover the Astounding DeFi Platform I Stumbled Upon: Wing Finance”

Wing Finance is a credit-based cross-chain decentralized lending platform in the DeFi space that allows for digital asset lending, including NFTs. The platform is built on the ontology network and is also on the BSC and Ethereum networks. It offers unique features, including governance rights, analytics docs, and an asset swap function, which allows users to bridge assets and go onto other networks from ontology. There is also an NFT bridge. The website looks very professional and the asset is currently deposited at $68.8 million.


Welcome back to another cryptocurrency video! My name is Moonlight and I would like to thank each and every one of you for watching today’s video. In this video, we will be discussing a huge Defi platform that I recently came across in the crypto space.

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Overview of Wing Finance

The project we will be discussing today is called Wing Finance, a credit-based cross-chain decentralized lending platform in the Defi space. They explore credit-based under-collateralized synthetic and security loan token lending, making it a platform dedicated to digital asset lending.

Website and Features

The platform looks impressive, with assets currently deposited at $68.8 million, including NFTs. One of their unique features is the NFT pool, where you can lend out your NFT assets. The NFT borrowing rate is at 4.21%.

Supply Pool and Early Adopters

Early adopters of the NFT lending market will benefit from Wing Finance, which has surpassed other platforms in the crypto industry. The platform’s safety and reliability, combined with unique features and governance rights, make it an attractive option.

Bridge and Liquidity

You can swap assets using their bridge tool, which provides easy access to users for managing their Wing tokens. They also have an NFT bridge and liquidity pool, which offer varying APY percentages, depending on your preference.


Overall, Wing Finance is a promising project to look out for in the Defi space. As always, remember that this is not financial advice but for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you are interested, make sure to check out their website for more information.

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