“Exciting Partnership Announcement For Low Cap Project (Get Ready For SmartKEY GAINS!)”

SmartKey is a project that aims to create smart cities of the future, operated on a blockchain using SmartKey technology. By creating a universal standard of communication across data sources and systems, SmartKey plans to enable seamless interoperability with the IoT devices to develop the smart cities. They are adapting existing systems and applications to manage IoT devices, enabling connection to various types of blockchains. SmartKey has partnered with major companies, including GeoDB and WEKTA, to provide secure access to service, car sharing and car hire, and limited-term rental solutions. The company plans to release a new whitepaper and enter a top exchange soon.


SmartKey is a revolutionary project that aims to create smart cities of the future, where everything is operated on a blockchain. Access to certain key functions of the city will be acquired by using SmartKey technology. This project has already been rolling out life-saving technology in Poland and is expanding to the rest of the world through partnerships with large tech businesses.

SmartKey’s Roadmap

SmartKey recently released its roadmap, in which they expressed their desire to leverage the sharing economy and blockchain to develop the smart cities of the future. They aim to achieve this by using a network of technological solutions that can be dynamically adapted for use by organizations and people worldwide.

SmartKey’s Philosophy

SmartKey’s philosophy involves the adaptation of already existing systems and applications that manage Internet of Things devices. By doing so, SmartKey’s overall strategy is to enable connection with various types of blockchains, furthering the ecosystem.

SmartKey’s Focus

SmartKey focuses on several industries such as limited-term rental, car sharing and car hire, and secure access to services. The company has also been partnering with GeoDB, a peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem, to provide data-driven analytics to leading global brands.

SmartKey’s Future Plans

SmartKey’s technology installations are set to exceed 500K by the end of this year, making it the largest implementation of blockchain technology worldwide for use in access control. SmartKey aims to be universally compatible with any access system in the world through its application programming interface.


SmartKey is a project that has the potential to reach new heights in the world of blockchain technology. As the project continues to expand and gain more partners, it is no surprise that SmartKey is set to enter one of the top exchanges, showing even greater adoption of SKEY. The future looks promising for SmartKey, and it will be exciting to see what the project has in store in the years to come.

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