Discover the Secrets of Maximizing Data and Unveiling the Next Apple-like Altcoin

Cirus Foundation is a platform that allows users more control over their data and compensates them with crypto for giving access to their data. The Cirus router generates real value from daily habits by paying for data with crypto, allowing users to get paid for the data they’re generating online. The platform collects and organizes profiles of user information and data, which is then processed by deep learning algorithms in a Data Management Platform, and monetized. Cirus has some exciting new announcements and updates coming out, including a virtual platform solution and major updates on product rollout. The timeline for all these rollouts are coming up very soon, which definitely makes Cirus Foundation one to watch.


It’s interesting how online shopping, or even just looking at buying something online, leaves you seeing ads for the very thing you were looking at on every website you visit. Email, Instagram, everywhere! Yep. Today, we’re talking about data collection.

The Cirus Foundation

The Cirus Foundation’s mission is to unlock data ownership, take the big profits that tech companies are generating from data collection And make it an asset that is ownable by the individuals who are generating it. The Cirus router is a plug-and-play solution that generates real value from daily habits by paying for data with crypto.

The Ownership Economy

This all comes down to the ownership economy, where individuals have a financial stake in participating in an ecosystem, and ultimately they own what they contribute. Cirus’ mission is to accelerate the ownership economy By being an on-ramp for owning, managing and monetizing this digital commodity.

Data Breaches

With Web 3.0, decentralization has changed the game. As it stands, companies have ownership and control on how individuals interact on their platform. They also control what information they get from users. A prime example is the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal that allowed an app to build psychological profiles on users, collect personal data from the users’ friends through Facebook’s Open Graph platform.

Product Rollout

Cirus is looking ahead at some major updates on product rollout. They have a phased approach that will conclude in a fully functional version of the platform with monetization enabled through the Cirus device. Right now, they’re developing a virtual platform solution to enable anyone without a device to still take ownership and monetize their data.


More bullish news for Cirus is its new partnership with Polygon To use full stack Ethereum scaling solutions to enhance functionality of the Cirus ecosystem.


When it’s complete, the Cirus ecosystem will allow individuals to finally profit from the data that they know is being taken from them. Cirus has a lot of exciting announcements and updates that are sure to move the project forward in a powerful way.


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