What’s the Earnings Score for 84,000 Youtube Subscribers? (No Bull, Just Honest Results)

The number of subscribers is not as important as the views and niche category for generating income on YouTube. The finance niche is one of the most lucrative on the platform, and one creator was making almost $12,000 per month in ad revenue when receiving a half a million views per month. Currently, with only 100,000 views per month, they earn about a fifth of what they did before, covering around half of their $4,000 monthly social media expenses.

Is Sub Count the Key to Making Money on YouTube?

It’s a question that many content creators get asked all the time: how much money do you make on YouTube? And often, people associate a high subscriber count with a high income. But this assumption is not entirely accurate.

The Importance of Views and Niche

When it comes to monetizing your content on YouTube, it’s not just about the size of your subscriber base. The number of views you receive on your videos and the specific niche you’re in can play a critical role in determining your revenue potential.

One of the most lucrative niches on YouTube is finance. As a finance creator with over 84,000 subscribers, I was making close to $12,000 a month in ad revenue back in November and December of 2021. However, this was largely due to the half a million views I was receiving per month on my channel.

The Importance of Niche

The finance niche is popular for a reason. It’s a topic that people are always interested in, and there’s always room for new creators to share their knowledge and experiences. However, the finance niche may not be the most profitable niche for everyone.

If you’re considering starting a YouTube channel, it’s essential to find a niche that suits you and your audience. Whether it’s beauty, gaming, or even something entirely unique to you, there’s always an audience waiting for authentic and compelling content.

The Cost of Running a YouTube Channel

While ad revenue can be an excellent source of income for creators, it’s important to note that running a successful YouTube channel does come with costs. From filming equipment to editing software, there are plenty of expenses that creators need to consider when launching their channels.

For me, it costs about $4,000 a month to run all of my social media. While my ad revenue does cover about half of these costs, it’s crucial for creators to understand the financial realities of running a profitable YouTube channel.


If you’re interested in making money on YouTube, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the sub count. By focusing on your niche, creating engaging content, and understanding the financial realities of running a channel, you can build a successful platform that supports your passion and creativity.

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