Unlock the 1000x Potential of CellFrame – The Ultimate Crypto Security Solution!

SulfurFrame Network is a blockchain platform that is secured by post-quantum encryption, making it resistant to threats posed by quantum computing. It is a scalable, open-source next-generation platform that supports building and linking blockchains and services. The network allows developers to build anything from simple TD apps to whole blockchains and offers interoperability as well as fast and economical transactions. SulfurFrame uses dual-layer sharding, conditional transactions, and multi-party computation to deliver security measures that mitigate quantum computing threats. The project is currently available on Uniswap and Gate.io, with a market cap of $5 million and an all-time high of $18 million.

Sulframe: The Quantum Safe Blockchain

Hello everyone and welcome to my Channel. Today, we’re going to be discussing sulframe – a Quantum safe blockchain. I believe this is very important for the future, so you guys should get in now. But, before we do, I do want to say this is not Financial advice.

Why Sulframe?

I’m discussing sulframe today because I have made a few different videos on cell phone before. The main reason is they’ve made it so well. “We are pleased to announce that we’ve launched a staking program on the BSC and ethereum networks.” So, if you guys do want to go and stake self frame, go check this out.

Maybe you need some incentive before you go do that. So, let’s discuss what sulframe is. Sulframe network is a scalable open-source Next Generation platform for building and bridging blockchains and services secured by post Quantum encryption.

This is a blockchain that is secure and it’s secure, not only for the current threats today but also for Quantum Computing, which is going to be a major threat in the future. If you don’t believe so, go do a little bit of research on Quantum Computing, and you guys will see that it will be a big threat.

We offer an environment for enterprises and developers to build a vastly of projects, products ranging from simple low-level TD apps to whole other blockchains on the sulframe Network. So, not only do sulframe allow you to build a whole other blockchain right on their network, they also allow you to build a d-apps and TD apps.

How Sulframe Network is Different

You guys should always go and do your own Quantum Computing research and Quantum safe blockchain research independent from these other cryptocurrencies. So, you don’t have your individual biases. But let’s get into how sulframe network differs from other blockchains.

Sulframe network is built with a unique implementation of dual-layer sharding, conditional transactions, and multi-party computation. This allows seamless interoperability, as well as fast and economical transactions, all secured by integrated Quantum safety measures.

This is what we want to see. This enables the network to adapt to any future innovation happening in the field of Quantum Computing and renders the platform future-proof.

The Potential of Sulframe

Self-frame has a circulated supply of around 28 million with a max supply of 30 million, which is very good. As you guys can see, 94% of the tokens are in circulation, which is crazy. That’s what we want to see from a Project of this size.

I do believe not all the tokens are out though. You know, with a total supply of around 29 million, I don’t believe this is a cause for concern. It’s a very small amount of tokens that aren’t available to be in circulation to be bought.

So, self frame, what do I believe this project could reach in the future? It currently is at a market cap of five million dollars, and it’s reached an all-time high market cap of around 80 million dollars.

This project has a lot of potential. It’s on uni swap and gate IO, so two very big places that you guys can go and buy self frame right now. I do recommend buying it through a gay IO or uni-swap. Not whatever this is down here.

In conclusion, sulframe is a project that has a lot of potential. With its unique implementation and post-Quantum encryption, it’s a secure blockchain that can adapt to any future threats, making it future-proof. So, it’s definitely worth checking out for those who are in the blockchain space.

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