“Unleashing the Excitement of Helena’s Buyback Competition with Golden Rewards and Whale Incentives!”

Helena Financial is launching new initiatives, incentive programs, and a Moon Plan experiment. They are introducing amazing contest rewards, incentives, and strategic planning for the project’s growth amid tough times when most projects stop marketing and wait for the market to improve. The project is performing well amidst the recent Bitcoin crash, and in this video, Pablo talks about the new sniper contest, golden buybacks, and other bonuses launched by Helena Financial. In the sniper contest, participants snipe down transaction amounts over 0.5% of the sell transaction and 0.5 BNB size. They then create a mirror buy order of the same amount and earn all the sell tax that the seller had to pay. There are also VL incentives, rules, and requirements for earning bonuses for buying BNB in specific amounts. The project also aims at benefiting buyers in various ways, and there are no limits on the rewards one wallet can claim.

New Initiatives and Incentive Programs for Helena Financial: A Follow-Up Video


Hey guys, Pablo here, and this is a follow-up video on Helena Financial. In this video, we’ll be discussing the new initiatives, incentive programs, and the whole moon plan experiment that they’re launching. We’ll talk about the sniper contest, golden buyback, and the various bonuses that Helena Financial is offering.


To get everyone up to speed, I reviewed this project a week or two ago, and it was well-received. The project is performing much better than similar ones in the current market conditions due to the recent Bitcoin crash. The market cap is down considerably from 1.8 trillion dollars to 1.67 trillion dollars for the cryptocurrency market. However, what sets Helena Financial apart is that they aren’t slowing down even in the toughest times. They’re continuously coming up with new experiments, initiatives, and contests to keep the project growing.

Sniper Contest

Let’s talk about the sniper contest, which is an excellent incentive program. The concept is simple. Snipers pick a target and take it out. In this case, they are targeting transactions that are 0.5% of the cell transaction over 0.5 BNB. Once a sniper identifies a target, they create a mirror buy order for the same amount to buy the same amount sold by the seller. As a bonus, the sniper gets all the sell tax paid by the seller. This is a fantastic idea that benefits both the buyer and the seller. It’s a win-win situation.

Golden Buyback

The second incentive program is the golden buyback that lasts for ten days. The overall highest incentive program is the VL (value locked) incentive program. It offers up to 25% bonus rewards for buying more than 100 BNB. There are no limits on claiming rewards from a single wallet, so a player can earn multiple rewards during the contest. The initial 50% of real incentive rewards are given five days after the buy transaction. The remaining 50% rewards are given 15 days after the transaction, provided the player holds onto the tokens until then. Cyber contest winners will receive their rewards in five-day intervals, totaling 100% of the reward.

The Moon Plan Experiment

Lastly, the moon plan experiment was conducted in collaboration with Sochi Street Pets. There was an aim session hosted by Sochi Street Pets, where they answered questions and provided more information. The experiment is expected to launch in the near future.


In conclusion, Helena Financial is a project that isn’t afraid to try new initiatives and incentive programs to keep the project growing. The sniper contest and VL incentive program are excellent examples of how they offer win-win situations for everyone involved. Despite the current market conditions, Helena Financial is continuing to push forward with exciting new experiments like the moon plan. Remember, this is not financial advice or investment advice. Watch both of these videos to get a better idea of what Helena Financial is, and reach out to me if you have any questions.

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