Discover These 20 Hidden Gems with Huge Potential for the Next Crypto Bullrun in 2023

The Crypto Gem Hunters Channel has released a video discussing the 20 top low-cap crypto gems for 2023 and the next bull run. First on the list is Integral, which aims to make it easier for whales to invest in crypto by eliminating price impact on large purchases through its technology. Calvpn is a quantum-resistant VPN built on the Cellframe blockchain. LCX is touted as the first regulated crypto exchange, while Singularity Net and Morpheus Network offer AI solutions for AGI development and supply chains respectively. Singularity Dao is a portfolio management software that utilises AI technology, and Alliance Block’s ISO 222 compliance is generating hype. Cross Network offers personal file storage, NFT metaverse metadata storage, and DApp and website hosting, while Viot is a favourite of the presenter as it is tiny at 25 million market cap, and a shift towards AI will likely see it continue its rally.


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Crypto Gem Hunters Channel! We’re here doing a video in person going over the top 20 low-cap gems for 2023 and the next bull run. So, if that sounds interesting, please leave a like and subscribe, as we will be bringing you guys a lot more crypto content in the coming weeks and months.


Before we dive in, I need to let everyone know that this video is not financial advice. Always do your own research before you invest your money.


1. Integral

Integral is a great gem with a very small market cap, around 2 million. Essentially what this gem does is it makes it easy for people to get into crypto who are whales. When there’s issues like price Impact, you can’t get in because loads of your money gets taken away. Integral aims to completely get rid of that by the technology that they offer which completely eliminates any former price impact on large purchases of crypto.

2. CalVPN

CalVPN is the first dino-proof VPN and is built on the cell frame blockchain, a quantum-resistant blockchain. Quantum computing is going to be a threat in the future, so it’s important to protect yourself now with CalVPN. There is about 100K liquidity in the project, so with another 100 million dollars invested into account VPN, it will do a thousand X.

3. LCX

LCX is the first regulated crypto exchange. There’s a lot of crypto exchanges out there that aren’t regulated, and a lot of these are going to go when regulations come into play. Whether it’s in six months, whether it’s in 12 months, or whether it’s in two years, regulations will come into play at some point. LCX is going to be that one exchange that lasts through cycles.

4. Singularity Net

Singularity Net is leading in AI and AGI development. AI is now a trend and is performing very well in the depths of this bear market. A standout gem is Singularity Net that is truly leading in AGI development.

5. Morpheus Network

Morpheus Network is all about supply chains. There’s a lot of inefficiencies right now in the supply chain market, and it’s estimated that supply chain inefficiencies are the biggest thing preventing economic growth. Morpheus network is a great gem to go for in terms of market cap, around 40 million.

6. Singularity Dao

Singularity Dao is a crypto portfolio management software that utilizes AI technology. AI is the future, and Singularity Dao is one of those gems that have real utility.

7. Alliance Block

Alliance Block is talked about being ISO 222 Compliant. We’re very big on ISO 222 compliant cryptos, and these are going to be the next ones where all the big smart money pours into.

8. Cross Network

If you want to capitalize off the D5 play, look no further than Cross Network. It truly is a gem with personal file storage, nft metaverse metadata storage, and D app and website hosting.

9. VIA

VIA is absolutely tiny, with a market cap around 25 million. VIA is going to really go crazy in the next bull run, and a lot of people are going to make a lot of money.


That concludes our list of top 9 low-cap gems for 2023 and the next bull run. Remember, always do your own research before you invest your money. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more crypto content!


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