Discover How WadzPay Can Multiply Your Investments by 400x with the Future of Crypto Payments

The article introduces a cryptocurrency called Whatspay, which is a payment-related token offering point-of-sale terminals, issuance, remittance, and CBDCs related to gaming. The article emphasizes the potential of the project due to its utility and the fact that it is an underdog with a low market cap. The author predicts that Whatspay could potentially reach a market cap of $250 million or even billions of dollars in the next bull run, making it a worthwhile investment. The author recommends doing research before investing and notes that this is not financial advice.


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Gem Hunter’s Channel. Today we’re going to be talking about a cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential. Guys, I’m talking about some big big gainers and some really good utility. Before we get into this video, I do want to say this is Not Financial advice, so yeah let’s get straight into this.

Overview of What’s Pay

So we’re going to be talking about what’s pay. If you don’t know what what’s pay is, it’s a payment related cryptocurrency. You know, it offers a whole offer a few different things. I believe there are around three main things that want to pay offer, so let’s have a look at them now.


Acceptance is essentially what it is is it helps people accept crypto payments, and the point of this is that you want to bring more awareness to crypto. More people utilize cryptocurrency as a whole, but look a few other crypto projects out There do offer this, and the reason I think broadspace is different is because of their point of sale terminals as you can see that’s what that is in the photo and I think this is revolutionary guys.


Sensually Issuance is what’s bit issuance enables massive financial institutions to issue digital currency wallets. So if you don’t know what that means is imagine you go to a bank, and you get a normal bank account. Now imagine in the future when crypto is more prominent these Banks could give out a crypto wallet, so even though that’s a little bit centralized it’s a step in the right direction.

Remittance and Gaming

What’s pay does is different because they also aim to be in the gaming industry. So, you know, in a game when you buy in-game items, you buy skins, whatever, if it’s Fortnite skins, Call of Duty buys gun skins or weapons whatever you guys do whatever your gamers do out there, right? The point is you can now pay with words pay with it.


Okay, so let’s have a look guys. If you have a look at the market cap, it doesn’t say it because this is a new project. I believe that this project will probably reach upwards in the next ballroom of 250 million markup, and that’s typically what happens with low-cap gems, you know, they do pump, but you know, a lot of them can reach up to billions of dollars in my cap. However, that’s just being very optimistic minimum 250 million dollars in market cap in the next ballroom.


This is a promising project. I do believe this is going to be needed in the future if people want to accept crypto payments more. There needs to be something physical like a card read, you know, like a card reader machine you know you go into a shop, and you pay with your card no Wireless, that’s the same thing but with crypto. What’s pay is a token with perfect utility needed utility needed for the future needed for crypto can 400x your money that is crazy guys you need to get in this token if you believe in it. This could make you guys a lot of money.


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