A story of the rise of NuGenesis and the fall of FTX, featuring BitBoy: uncovered.

NuGenesis, a blockchain firm that has used artificial intelligence (AI) to expose fraudulent activities, has commended the power of AI in revolutionising the industry by paving the way for a more transparent and accountable future. The company was relentlessly targeted by industry player, Alameda Research. NuGenesis uncovered what it believes is the largest crypto scam in history and has provided evidence of fraudulent activities committed by Alameda Research and FTX Japan. This groundbreaking work has put NuGenesis at the forefront of AI-powered blockchain solutions.

The scandal involving the company has caused significant losses to many investors. Despite this, NuGenesis is preparing to launch NuCoin version 2, which could revolutionise the industry. Nugenesis has continued to innovate and make progress in the field of AI, meta processing and asset chains. Its legal team is confident that full litigation against Alameda Research and FTX Japan will demonstrate their fraudulent activities.

NuGenesis is collaborating with BitBoy, an influential cryptocurrency analyst, to articulate the strategy that ensures the fraud committed by SBF and Alameda Research is shared with the world. The team is grateful for BitBoy’s support and proud to have worked alongside him in this fight for transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry.

Nugenesis aims to gain users’ trust and confidence in its NuCoin version 2 by focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. The company believes this innovation could be a game-changer for the blockchain industry and pave the way for mass adoption. NuGenesis has so far demonstrated its exceptional progress and innovation, and it is a network to watch in the blockchain industry.

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