“Unleashing the Artistic Potential of Blockchain: An Interview with Particle’s CEO Harold Eytan on Fine Art NFT’s”

Particle CEO Harold Etan spoke on The CryptoCoin Show about the solutions his team is developing in the fine art market. Particle addresses the issue of access and opacity surrounding the fine art market, as well as the lack of ownership by offering ownership and fine art masterpieces through the digital fractionalisation process. Particles are NFTs that represent ownership in art, and they offer governance capabilities while also enabling open trading on the secondary market. The concept of Particle is to democratise access to fine art by establishing a new art collector class that allows for greater ownership and access to the art world.

Particle: Democratizing Ownership and Access to Fine Art

As cryptocurrency markets experience a bit of a bearish trend, the team at Particle is working hard on solutions to address the industries of fine art and arts education. Harold Etan, CEO of Particle, recently joined the CryptoCoin Show with Ashton Addison from Block West Capital to discuss their innovative work.

Challenging Access and Opacity in Fine Art

Particle is working to aid in access and transparency issues within the fine art market, as well as the overall fine art experience. The fine art experience is a four-piece puzzle, according to Etan, consisting of the artwork, knowledge and education around the arts, access to the art market, and ownership. These components have been traditionally limited to a select few high net-worth individuals, leaving a vast audience of potential art enthusiasts with no access to this world.

Ownership in the Age of Web3

Particle aims to democratize access and ownership of fine art by offering ownership of masterpieces through digital fractionalization into 10,000 unique NFTs. By allowing owners to govern the art itself and decisions about its display and sale, Particle is establishing a new art curator and collector class while empowering art enthusiasts outside of the traditional world of high net-worth investors.

The Art World’s Mixed Response

While Particle’s innovation is exciting, it has not been universally embraced. Etan acknowledges that many in the traditional fine art world view the company with caution and see a threat to exclusivity and the status quo. However, others view Particle’s work as an innovative opportunity and an additional sales channel. The company is proving that the art community is much larger than the traditional high net-worth individuals and is only just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible in leveraging web3 tools to democratize art ownership.

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