Unleash Your Greed for Avalanche Crypto Defi with 90,000% Gains and INSANE Returns!

Wonderland, a fork of the algorithmic stablecoin Olympus, is becoming known for its high returns on staking and minting. Based on the Avalanche network, it is the first decentralized reserve currency on the network, has fully transparent contracts and partners with Abracadabra.Money. Its ecosystem is based on game theory and its token prices have climbed steadily. Its unique returns and ecosystem has made it popular and it is now backed by over $200m in assets. The founder, Daniele, has announced that Wonderland is investing in the blockchain gaming space, further disrupting the financial system.


It’s no secret that DeFi is here to stay. It’s improving faster than a white rabbit running away from some murderous playing cards. But DeFi isn’t just an Ethereum game. It’s spread out all across the cryptoverse with robust and innovative products on several blockchains from Solana, Binance Smart Chain and, most recently, Avalanche.

Wonderland: The Whimsical Avalanche DeFi Project

Wonderland is a fork of Olympus, an algorithmic stablecoin based on Ethereum. The goal of both Olympus and Wonderland is to become reserve currencies on their respective chains. At the time of this recording, the return for staking TIME on Wonderland is 83,368%. Its fully transparent contracts, whitepaper and code repository set it apart.

Minting TIME Tokens and Returns

Wonderland is the first decentralized reserve currency on Avalanche. It’s based on its native TIME token, which is backed by various tokens in the Wonderland treasury giving it value that it cannot fall below. The real magic of Wonderland is that it’s based on game theory to maximize the profit potential of everyone involved. Its returns and the ecosystem are unique.


The earliest recording price of a TIME coin is $560, and from there, it’s been a steady climb up to a staggering $8,731. Compared to other finance coins, it has a high price with a low market cap.

Founder’s Vision and Future Plans

One of the founders of Wonderland, Daniele, has a presence on Twitter and has done various interviews including a 2-hour talk with Frog Radio. Daniele is a self-described Bitcoin maxi, but he’s also a fan of making money and, more importantly, disrupting the old financial system. Daniele wants to innovate in DeFi so that there are plenty of options for people across the world to take control of their own money. Wonderland is investing into NFTs and blockchain gaming, which could be the missing piece to making financial freedom go parabolic.

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