“Revolutionary Protocol: Lingose Game ID Established by Smart Contract!”

Lingos is a project that aims to establish a game ID protocol based on blockchain data, allowing for the creation of user resumes and reputation systems. Users trigger chain events when playing a game, and user behavior data is analyzed and recorded in the Lingos ID. XP points are earned and used to improve the user’s Lingos ID level and unlock more benefits, as well as earning unique NFTs. The Lingos team is active on Twitter with over 113,000 followers and a Discord server with around 70,000 users. Currently, Lingos is launching a giveaway for a chance to win from 10 to 100 USDT in link tokens.

Lingos: The Future of Gaming Finance


Welcome back to another video on the Alexandros channel. In this video, we will talk about a project connected with crypto games in a special way.

About Lingos

Lingos aims to establish a game ID protocol bound by smart contracts, creating a game ID system based on blockchain data. The system will provide qualification certificates by capturing the user’s behavior on the chain. Every step and achievement in the chain game will be the user’s own value embodiment, allowing them to better build their own web-free identity brand.

The ID System

Lingos builds their user’s resume on the Chain by setting up their ID system, behavior capture system, EXP and POP system, and reputation system. The ID works as a meta World passport, connecting users’ accounts to ensure their achievements in their life are interoperable between meta worlds. Users can set their own ID, and the account will record all achievements in a chain game world, with ranking and results obtained in the game displayed in the account.

The Behavior Capture System

The Behavior Capture System works by capturing users’ interactions with chain events, such as transfer authorization control transfer, etc. The EXP system stands for experience points, which will improve the user’s level once a certain amount of exp is met. The system unlocks more rewards and benefits as users progress.

The POP System and Reputation System

The POP system (Proof of Play) is an open-source NFT based protocol that aims to create a reliable new way to record game experience. Players participating in the game and completing the 10 campaigns will receive a unique badge on the blockchain as a souvenir. The Reputation System works as a reward and punishment system.

NFTs and Lingos

Lingos first launched 1000 identity NFTs and will be divided into five levels: rookie, veteran, expert, master, and artist. Corresponding to different user attributes, users can complete different levels of campaigns or complete the same campaign with different reward coefficients. Subsequent identity NFTs will be launched in limited quantities, with users needing to use the javanance token link to purchase their identity NFT.

Lingos Community

Lingos has a great community, with active Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels. They are currently developing game center and wall features, with a lot of current campaigns and giveaways on the site.

Gleam Giveaway

Lingos is currently running a giveaway with up to 5000 winners, where participants have a chance to win from 10 to 100 USDT in link tokens. To participate, click the link in the video description and complete the tasks.


Lingos is a promising project in the gaming finance space, establishing a game ID system that values user behavior and incentivizes users to progress through NFT rewards. With a great community and upcoming development features, Lingos is definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in gaming and blockchain technology.

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