Is the Situation with Jasmy Coin (JASMY) Better Than You Think?

The content creator discusses the cryptocurrency, JASMY, in their latest video. They are bullish on JASMY, stating that it has found the bottom and is going up. Although JASMY is a high risk product, it has turned from bearish to bullish for many reasons, including a recent increase in circulating supply. The content creator is not a fan of the head of the company, who they believe is not forthcoming about releasing more tokens. JASMY is listed on multiple exchanges, making it easily accessible. The content creator details JASMY’s wallets, which they had exposed previously, but now they are bullish as the circulating supply is almost sold out. The price of JASMY has hit a low recently, but they believe it has found strong support and will curve back up. At its peak market cap, JASMY had 1.3 billion dollars, 3x more than its current market cap of 342 million dollars, indicating that it will go up in price in the future.

Adjustment (JASM) Coin: A Bullish Perspective

Adjustment (JASM) coin is a cryptocurrency that has garnered much interest in the cryptocurrency space. There are many reasons why investors are bullish on this coin, and in this video, we will discuss them.

Circulating Supply Update

One of the biggest reasons why the Adjustment coin is gaining traction is a recent update in its circulating supply. Initially, it was at 10, but the company updated it to 94. This move has made many people realize how oversold the coin was, and it has shown an upward trajectory since then.

Availability on Many Exchanges

Another reason to be bullish on the Adjustment coin is that it is available on many exchanges. It is listed on Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, and over 70 other exchanges with a total of 77 pairs.

Market Cap Correction

The coin’s market cap was initially misreported by CoinGecko, but the correct market capitalization is $342 million. The earlier reports showed it as $34 million.


The company owns a lot of wallets with massive JASM holdings. While some investors are concerned that these wallets may manipulate the coin’s price, the fact that the circulating supply is almost out assures investors that the company cannot dump any more coins. More so, many of their previous wallets containing 500 million and 400 million tokens have disappeared.

Price Analysis

JASM coin’s price hit an all-time low of $0.0027, but many investors believe that the bottom is in, and the price will not go lower. With a strong support level of $0.0063, the coin has a promising upside, with the potential to reach 3x or more from its current price.


In general, many investors are bullish on the Adjustment (JASM) coin. The recent update on the circulating supply, the coin’s availability on many exchanges, and the correction of the market cap have increased investor confidence. The concern about the company’s wallets holding large amounts of JASM tokens is overplayed, given that the circulating supply is almost out. Overall, the coin’s price movement is promising, showing a steady upward trajectory.


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