Discover the Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency: NFTs are Taking Over in 2021!

Blockchain-based gaming platform OVR has launched a virtual augmented reality platform based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), forming a digital layer on top of the physical world. OVR has divided the world into 1.6 trillion hexagons, each of which is a separate NFT based on the ERC-721 standard. By owning an OVR land, users control the spatial domain and can customise the entire area. OVR offers virtual and augmented reality experiences such as Pokemon Go treasure hunts. The platform offers staking and liquidity provision to users, as well as the opportunity to buy and sell land NFTs.


In October of last year, we predicted that NFTs would be the next big thing. Following that trend, blockchain-based gaming platforms are sure to be a focus of many crypto users. Today, we’re entering the realm of OVR reality, the next frontier for crypto projects.


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OVR: Virtual Augmented Reality-based Platform

OVR is a virtual augmented reality-based platform which allows its users to experience everything from hanging out with friends, partying, to traveling to specially designed landscapes like ancient Egypt, León Cathedral, Bagan Valley of Temples, and much more.

Live Platform & App

The OVR platform is live and available for download on your iOS or Android-powered device. According to the International Data Corporation, the AR sector will reach $137 billion in 2024. OVR is the decentralized platform for the Spatial Web built for visualization with innovative geolocalized AR and VR experiences.

Use Cases

OVR provides all the tools to build, host, and visualize geolocalized AR and VR experiences. The use cases include gaming, live events, virtual retail, real estate, tourism, avatars, marketing, and many more. The use cases are endless for AR and VR. OVR is based on NFTs geolocalized AR/VR utilizing a system to assign controlled geographic locations.

OVRlands NFTs

OVR has divided the world into 1.6 trillion hexagons of 300 square meters called OVRLands, creating a digital layer on top of the physical world. Each OVRLand is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC-721 standard. If you own any OVRLand, you control a spatial domain.

Geographic Locations

Using geographic localization in the app allows a Pokémon GO style treasure hunt, which the team says has thus far been a huge success. OVR is live and has over 100,000 downloads with over 3,500 users according to the team.


OVR has very unique tokenomics. They held an initial bonding curve offering or an IBCO, which is ongoing. The number of tokens created by the IBCO decreases exponentially with the increase of the price of the token.

Two Tokens

OVR has two tokens, the OVRToken and the OVRLand NFT token which gives ownership of plots of land within the AR experience. This one has a super low market cap and if it has the same success as Decentraland or Sandbox, this could be huge, the next moonshot.


As always, do your own research. We certainly did ours. OVR offers the perfect weekend getaway and allows you to discover new things around the world and try amazing augmented reality experiences from Bagan Valley of Temples to León Cathedral and even time travel to ancient Egypt. Download the OVR app now!

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