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Bit Boy Crypto is a community that teaches people how to make money in the cryptocurrency market. Ben, the host of the channel, explained why Bitcoin experienced a drop in price this morning, mentioning the negative feedback on a jobs report that was released in the traditional market. Although some people believe that there is a surplus of job opportunities and that there is no need for newly created positions, others predict that as deflation hits, people will be desperate to work. Bit Boy Crypto is bridging the gap between traditional markets and the cryptocurrency market, and encourages people to invest in cryptocurrency.

Welcome to Bit Boy Crypto

Welcome to Bit Boy Crypto, home of the Bid Squad – the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs. My name is Ben and everybody on the channel, I’ll show you how to make money encrypted. If you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button.

The Connection Between Traditional Markets and Crypto

Guys, here’s the thing, Bitcoin went down this morning and there’s a very specific reason for it. And what I told you yesterday, you guys remember yesterday, we were looking at why I told you it could possibly go down. We showed y’all last night, there was a red dot that appeared on Market Cyber, it’s probably still there, it had disappeared this morning but now it is here again. But we talked about something yesterday that is becoming very apparent and that is the connection between right now the stock market and the traditional markets and crypto right now.

Jobs Report Release and Impact on Bitcoin

So what happened this morning on the traditional market? Well, there was a jobs report released. The jobs report had a lot of negative feedback to it. It’s very interesting, isn’t it, because we’ve been talking about inflation, what’s the number one way to fix a lot of the problems we have with supply chains? Hire more people. That’s how you move more things than you can move with more people. We talk to everybody, we go around, we look at, you know, I use the Arby’s example again, you know, we keep talking about the Arby’s example. 6 o’clock, I went there on a Sunday, they were closed ’cause nobody wants a slave wage job. Martin’s that’s by my house, which is a really awesome breakfast restaurant. Went by there yesterday morning, got stuck in the drive-thru for like 30 minutes, two people working there, in the morning at like 10 o’clock, two people inside that restaurant, and it is extremely busy all the time. I guess it was probably three people. They probably had a cook in the back, so there’s probably three people, but that line is usually parked around the building.

The Future of Jobs

It’s weird, isn’t it, that we’re seeing all of this talk about how people can’t get hired. Yeah, we’re getting these jobs reports back that are saying the numbers aren’t good, that there aren’t as many jobs available as there were, and it seems to be conflicting with what we see with our eye test. So, I don’t know. I think most people would probably agree with me if I were to just do a poll, which we’re not going to do because of our poll disaster yesterday. You know, most people would probably say it seems like there’s more jobs than people right now. But that also is not what the jobs report is telling us. Very interesting stuff there. We’ll continue to watch, but that had a direct impact on Bitcoin dropping. If you look at when Bitcoin dropped around the opening of the markets, it’s when it started going down.

Bit Boy Crypto’s Reach

Alright, guys, 1.42 million subscribers. Thank you to all the love on the YouTube channel, 705.9 thousand followers here on Twitter. We also have 375 on Instagram. I’ve got almost 5,000 on my personal one where I take personal photos, not the crypto there. 2.7 million on TikTok. I meant to shout out my wife’s account, but I don’t know what it is. I’ll have to pull that up tomorrow on Monday. Maybe it’s Bethany Reads A Lot, isn’t it? That’s your Instagram account. If you guys want to follow me, yeah, on Instagram, it’s Bethany Reads A Lot, and she really does. She really does read a lot, more than any human you’ve ever known. So it shows a little bit about my wife and our life at home and stuff like that, so you want to follow her. She’s got 10.6 thousand followers; she has more followers than I do.

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